La Peña los Cansaliebres bring back the Miguelturra Carnival with the performance of Martínez Ares troupe “La Chusma Selecta” and Vera Luque’s chirigota “Los #Cadizfornia”.

The multifunctional auditorium will be the setting for the return of the carnival to Miguelturra, on September 11 starting at 8:00 p.m. the troupe “La Chusma Selecta” and the Martínez Ares anthology, along with the chirigota “Los #Cadizfornia” and the Vera Luque anthology, will give us back a piece of our carnival thanks to the efforts of the Peña Los Cansaliebres.

The event will be held in compliance with all health measures against Covid-19.

Martínez Ares troupe, La Chusma Selecta, which is what Juan Carlos Aragón called his followers, pays tribute to both him and his work after his death in 2019.

Martínez Ares and La Chusma Selecta, obtain second prize at the 2020 COAC and again we will be able to see them on stage with performances such as “El rebel selecto”, the pasodobles of “The select guillotine”, “Un country selecto”, ” The select freedom”, “The select girl”, “The neighborhood aristocrat”, “The select penalty”, “The select story”, “The select carnival” and “The select green”, the medleys of “The poor conquer the streets”, “The obligations”, “The shadow of love”, “The curse”, “The months” and “The defeat”, as well as with cuplés such as “El tsunami selecto”, “El stiffo selecto”, “El Cádiz “, “The select trade”, “The select mobile”, “The select superhero”, “The select mask” and “the select Falla”.

Vera Luque’s surfer chirigoteros, “Los #Cadizfornia”, win first prize at the 2020 COAC and will surely make us vibrate with pasodobles such as “Today as I promised you”, ” To the coast of light”, “The little beach in the low sea”, “I’m jealous”, “They buried him again”, “You’re going to tell me”, “It wouldn’t be a storm” and “Today in this grand finale”.

The auditorium will open its doors at 7:00 p.m. and tickets can be purchased in advance for 15 euros, at the box office for 20 euros.