The Association of Peñas del Carnaval and the Miguelturra City Council decide to suspend Carnival 2021

Miguelturra will not celebrate in 2021 its most emblematic and declared Festival of National Tourist Interest, the Carnival, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the existing health situation.

The  Councilor for Celebrations of the Miguelturra City Council, Diego Rodríguez, accompanied by the president of the Association of Peñas del Carnaval, Raúl Domínguez, appeared at a press conference to announce the suspension of the 2021 Miguelturra Carnival.
The councilor has assured that “it is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, but we must show responsibility for the health and well-being of Miguelturra” and has pointed out that “we have the obligation to look after all citizens and the carnival involves not only the ten days of celebration, but also the 365 days of preparations in which there is close contact between all the members of the clubs and all those who work to make our great party possible”.
Rodríguez has indicated that this painful decision “is the most responsible given the health situation we are going through due to the crisis caused by Covid 19, given the impossibility of guaranteeing the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the areas surrounding the CERE, Spain Square and Carnival Street”.
measure that has been agreed with the board of directors of the Association of Peñas del Carnaval in the meeting that took place last Wednesday, September 16, in the Plenary Hall of the City Council, in which theCouncilor for Celebrations, Diego Rodríguez, the King of Carnival, Serafín Delgado, the president of the Association of Peñas del Carnaval, Raúl Domínguez, and the members of the Association’s board of directors.

“The Miguelturra carnival is a participatory festival, which involves several months of work, thousands of people who visit us, activities both in closed and open spaces that bring together hundreds and thousands of people, and clubs from all over the region that end their carnivals with floats and troupes on our Piñata Sunday. This work must be anticipated and our obligation is to give a quick and consensual response” he assured. Rodríguez concluded “We cannot consider any alternative to this, because if we did so, the Miguelturra carnival would lose its hallmarks”.

For its part, Raúl Domínguez has indicated that, despite the suspension of the town’s big festival, periodic meetings will be held to create a working group and, as long as the health authorities allow it, “an attempt will be made to create some initiative so that the newly released brand of the Miguelturra carnival “Know me” continues to sound in our country and among the little ones, future street masks“.
Domínguez  he has indicated that “although it hurts us and a lot to take this measure, it is a mature, responsible decision and we must live up to the events. Never before has the Miguelturra carnival been stopped, even if it was prohibited.”

Finally, both wanted to thank the supporters clubs for their mature, responsible and consistent reaction, “now it’s up to all of us to focus on the 2022 carnival, which we are sure will make it the best in history”.