Showcase Contest 2021

Cooperativa Tierra de Calatrava, first prize in the Showcase Contest

The jury of the 2021 Showcase Contest of the Miguelturra Carnival meeting on February 17, decided to award the following prizes:

1st Prize consisting of 300 Euros and diploma, Cooperativa Tierra de Calatrava

2nd Prize consisting of 200 Euros and a diploma, La Disfrutería de Alba

3rd Prize consisting of 150 Euros and diploma, Electrodomésticos Tere

The contest has been organized by the Department of Celebrations of the Hon. Miguelturra City Council and the Carnival Peñas Association.

The quality and originality of the windows that have been submitted to the contest must be highlighted.

The jury for this edition was made up of Julián Arévalo Céspedes, window dresser, Raúl Domínguez Donate, president of the Carnival Peñas Association, Virginia Gómez, designer and window dresser, Serafín Delgado Martín, King of Carnival, Diego Rodríguez Tercero, councilor for Celebrations and Raquel Fernández Mera, worker in the Culture Area acting as secretary of the jury.


The Spirit of the Churriego Carnival

The Spirit of the Miguelturra Carnival is kept alive in Balcones y Terrazas

The streets of Miguelturra and especially Carnaval street, are dressed in Carnival. The residents of the town keep the spirit of the Churriego carnival alive by dressing their balconies and terraces with costumes, not losing hope of returning next year with new illusions. 

This Monday morning, we should have enjoyed the usual skillet fruit contest organized by the Peña Los Rocheros and in the afternoon, the street mask should have filled Carnival street with color and excitement shouting ¿What Don’t you know me?

The friend Octavio, has not wanted to forget the situation we live in and has wanted to do it with a song as usual, he has titled it ‘The Virus of the Century’


This virus that we have
it’s not just any virus
the carnival has been loaded
and the street masks.
You have to stay home
that is the pure truth
better stay at home
than to go to the hospital.
This year gentlemen
we can’t enjoy
to eat the donuts
and drink the lemon.
Do not be sad
and what they tell us to respect
and for next year
there will be better Carnival.
Have if it ends soon
this damn virus
bars open soon
without committing a crime.

Let’s all be careful
‘according to Minister Illa’
to go outside
put on the mask.
You have to behave very well
for the account he has us
and be able to celebrate with pride
next year’s Carnival.
Men, women and children
and everyone in general
you have to wear a mask
the days of Carnival.
You have to visit the bars
that is fundamental
they have closed many days
and they are having a hard time.
And i say goodbye to you
with tears in sight
and I give you a big hug
to all pensioners.



Presentation of the Carnival Program 2021

This year the Miguelturra Carnival should be different, it does not touch a party, nor a fuss, what it touches is responsibility.

Serious faces in the presentation of the Miguelturra Carnival 2021, the Carnival museum ‘Momo’ has been the chosen stage. 

Both the mayor of the town Laura Arriaga, as the celebration councilor Diego Rodríguez, the King of Carnival Serafín Delgado, the president of the Association of Peñas Raúl Domínguez, major masks than 2020, Mª Carmen Céspedes and Manuel González, have transmitted the need If we are responsible for the situation we are experiencing, for the first time a carnival will be experienced very different from the one we know, we must stay at home because there is nothing to celebrate and wait for this situation to pass to re-emerge in 2022 like never before.

Laura Arriaga in her speech has asked that this carnival be historic, but out of responsibility. Along the same lines, the authorities of our carnival have spoken, requesting citizens to stay at home and avoid unnecessary infections.

Diego Rodríguez, councilor for festivities has shelled out the few activities that this carnival will have. Work will continue on the brand of our carnival ‘Get to know me’, there will be a shop window contest, the carnival walls project with its three urban art murals, there will also be a ‘La Churriega’ mask race, but it will be in educational centers as safe spaces in the face of COVID-19, our Miguelturra Fondistas will be missed and finally, a video contest through the social network TikTok.

On the other hand, in the Plaza del Pradillo de Clavería the second of the urban art murals has begun.


Press Release Association of Peñas del Carnaval de Miguelturra

“Long live the Miguelturra Carnival”

Today should have been the day, the day that would be presented to those who would have been the highest representatives of Carnival 2021, our Major Masks, today should have been the day that we got together to finish our costumes, cars, stoves…, today It should have been the day when all of us Churriegos would have that tingling in the stomach that we all know as we prepare our best clothes for what next Friday should have been, OUR CARNIVAL.

This year should have been different, a year of celebration in which the Association of Peñas celebrates 40 years and in which we should have thanked all the people, boards of directors and supporters clubs that have been part throughout these years of our association. But not only we have our birthday, so do two of the usual clubs, the ones that have made and make our carnival great, the “Los Segadores” club and the “La Cabra” club, happy 40 years.

But this is not that year, this year we have to be consistent with the situation that we have had to live, that is why from the Peñas Association we ask you one thing that we never thought we were going to say, that you stay at home. We have to respect the rules imposed by our authorities and think that with this effort Carnival 2022 will be a much better Carnival for everyone.

This year more than ever:
“There is no place like home.”

The “Carnival Walls” project started

Organized by the Area of Celebrations in collaboration with the Association of Carnival Peñas

The Miguelturra City Council decided to suspend the 2021 Carnivals due to responsibility and announced it at the official press conference on September 22, chaired by the Councilor for Celebrations, Diego Rodríguez and the president of the Carnival Peñas Association, Raúl Domínguez.

Thus, for the first time in the history of Miguelturra in democracy, “our festivities of National Tourist Interest will have a break due to COVID-19 that due to responsibility and complying with current regulations, we ask for prudence, that we take care of ourselves and stay at home” explains Rodríguez.

However, as a councilor for Celebrations, he knows that Miguelturra would be finishing the last stitches in the suits, opening the trunks and preparing “everything that makes us feel the happiest people in the world, a time in which we all lose our shame, where criticism and satire leave no one indifferent and preparing our voices so that the cry ‘WHAT DON’T YOU KNOW ME?! ring out loud”.

For this reason, the Department of Celebrations has decided to make a great tribute to this Carnival thanks to the project called “Carnival Walls” so that the carnival spirit accompanies us all year round. Specifically, there are three murals that will see the light of these 2021 carnivals.

These allegories of carnival will be located on Carnaval 1 street, which is being worked on, another in Pradillo de Clavería square, and the last one will be at the end of Cervantes street with Pradillo de Clavería Square. This great work of urban art by the artists Gela and Javi Ponsada will be finished by February 12.

This initiative, together with the fifth edition of the Shop Windows Contest, which still has an open registration period, aims for the street mask, the carnival brand and all traditional elements of the Churriego carnival to take over the walls, walls and shop windows of the town for the enjoyment of the neighbors.

The idea of the carnival street murals comes from the project “We Propose” of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, where our schoolchildren propose ideas for the improvement of our cities through innovation, sustainability and education, and in the that the CEIP “El Cristo” has been awarded and distinguished.

Rodríguez explains that in January 2020 he attended a talk in the fifth grade classroom of the CEIP “El Cristo” to listen to various projects and discuss them. There are four students: Alba Rebato, Jorge Mohíno, Clara Rivas and Sergio Martínez, who proposed to paint some elements of the carnival on buildings or walls.

After the debate, explains the mayor, the idea of “Carnival Walls” arises, a project that is having a great impact on social networks and that from the Festivities Area “we invite citizens to know much more about our carnival as a differentiating element of Miguelturra within Castilla-La Mancha. We consider that the mixture of urban art and popular traditions positions us at the cultural vanguard in the region and generates added value to our carnival “.

Finally, Diego Rodríguez thanks the Association of Carnival Peñas for their constant support to spread our big party and our brand “Know me” of the carnival, to the Trujillo and Barco family, for the transfer of use of said walls to be able to painting the graffiti, the professionalism of the urban artists Gela and Javi Ponsada, and the involvement of the four schoolchildren in the project, “thanks to students like them the future of the carnival is more than assured” concludes the councilor.

Africa conquers Miguelturra by the hand of the Burleta

The Burleta of Campo de Criptana with his fantasy “The Heart of Africa”, Alhiguí de Honor and special prize of the XLI National Competition of Murgas, Comparsas and Floats

A total of 34 groups and some three thousand people have participated in the parade, which took place during an afternoon-night without the rain making an appearance.

The first prize for floats went to Axonsou de Herencia with his theme “Agrabah’s dreams”.

In comparsas Los Rocheros de Miguelturra and its theme “Allegory of the Churriego Carnival” it has obtained the first prize. Regarding the category of murgas, the first prize went to the Rainbow Association of Fuente el Fresno, with its theme “Checkmate”.

XLI National Competition of Murgas, Comparsa and Carrozas

Carrozas Category:

Special Prize of 2,500 euros and Alhiguí de Honor sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, El Burleta from Campo de Criptana, theme “The Heart of Africa”

1st Prize 1,800 euros sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, Axonsou Association from Herencia, theme “Dreams of Agraba”

2nd Prize 1,300 euros sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, A.C. Las Peñuelas from Pozuelo de Calatrava, theme “Aladdin”

3rd Prize 1,000 euros sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, A.C. Harúspices from Tomelloso, theme “Eye to the Patch”

4th Prize 500 euros sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council,  Housewives Association Ntra. Sra. Del Carmen from Pozuelo de Calatrava, theme “Venetian Party”

Comparsas Category:

1st Prize 900 euros sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, Peña Los Rocheros from Miguelturra, theme “Allegory of the Churriego Carnival”

2nd Prize 700 euros sponsored by CIUDATO Citroen Ciudad Real and Solar Led, Peña Kapikúa from Miguelturra, theme “The Yucatan”

3rd Prize 500 euros sponsored by ITV Miguelturra, Peña La Cabra from Miguelturra, theme “The Guardians of Time”

4th Prize 400 euros sponsored by Restaurante Casa Pepe, Peña El Bufón from Miguelturra, theme “Peacock”

4th Prize 300 euros sponsored by Tejidos Julián and Creaciones Romero, La Charanga El Alhiguí from Miguelturra, theme “Allegory to Music”

Murgas Category:

1st Prize 400 euros sponsored by Globalcaja, Rainbow Association of Fuente El Fresno, theme “Checkmate”

2nd Prize 350 euros sponsored by CEPSA-Carrefur “La Estrella”, Peña el Puntillo from Miguelturra, theme “The Legacy of Death”

3rd Prize 300 euros sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra, La Unión from Porzuna, theme “Sarabi Kingdom”

3rd Prize 300 euros sponsored by Ignacio Manzanares, A.C. Anda que Vergüenza from Almodóvar del Campo, theme “Barbarian Warriors”

3rd Prize 300 euros sponsored by 3D3 Editores, Glitter Cultural Association from Puertollano, theme “New Zealand colonization”