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Presentation of the 2020 Carnival Program

The carnival museum ‘MOMO’ stage of the presentation of the Carnival 2020 program

We already know the activities that will be held throughout the 2020 Carnival in Miguelturra. The presentation of the 2020 Carnival program has had the Miguelturra Carnival Museum ‘MOMO’ as its unbeatable scenario, which has had the presence of the local mayor, Laura Arriaga, Councilor for Celebrations Diego Rodríguez, King of Carnival, Serafín Delgado , president of the Peñas del Carnaval Association, Raúl Domínguez, masks older than 2019, Antonio Rodríguez and Mª Paz del Hierro, as well as those in 2020, Manolo González and Mª Carmen Céspedes.

Laura Arriaga, has begun the presentation of the program thanking those present for their assistance and wishing the best for those who will be masks older than 2020 and of course their predecessors, who will accompany them throughout the carnival. Everything is ready, there are already open trunks and closets in search of costumes, this year will also be special for the Peña el Jamón that turns 50 and another that begins in his first carnival The heirs of Loquilandia, children’s choir. The new brand of our carnival is another novelty of this year, with the slogan ‘Meet me’, which contains different symbols such as the fat tower, the burial of the sardine, the Calatrava Field, the fruit in a pan and the museum of the carnival ‘MOMO’.

Diego Rodríguez, has presented the different acts and events that will be held throughout the next carnival, the proclamation by Jesús Álvarez, proclamation of the major masks, children’s carnival, masked volleyball, fruit contest in pan, leaving a mark, you mask sounds to me, carnival museum costumes, chirigotas, piñata Sunday parade, mask race, sardine burial, monographic days of the Peñas, orchestras and DJ’s performances at the Carnival Palace totally free, are among others many activities that will be accommodated at the Miguelturra Carnival 2020.

The presentation of the program has ended with the interventions of the President of the Association of Peñas, Raúl Domínguez and the King of Carnival, Serafín Delgado, who have wished it to be a carnival without problems, in good weather and with some Peñas that will turn in their Monographic days for maximum enjoyment of those who want to have fun at our carnival.


IV Showcase Contest

The following awards are established: To originality and innovation, to the best composition and traditional design, and a special prize from the public.


  1. The Celebrations area in collaboration with the Economic Promotion area, the Peñas de Carnaval Cultural Association and the Small Commerce Association, convened the fourth Carnival Showcase Contest of the commercial establishments in our town, in order to encourage and reward the merchants who, with their effort, support the promotion and improvement of the image of the trade with a special decoration of their shop windows, thus creating a pleasant carnival atmosphere during these dates, giving an added incentive to local commerce.
  2. All retail and wholesale commercial establishments in Miguelturra and all establishments that have a showcase, such as an office, training centers, among others, may participate in the contest.
  3. Registration for the contest will be free, and must be done at the Miguelturra House of Culture. The registration period will be from January 27 to February 7, 2020.
  4. The shop must have its showcase ready on February 10 until March 1, 2020
  5. The jury appointed by the organization, will visit the participating businesses during the period established in the previous base on Thursday, February 27 and will announce its verdict in the awards ceremony that will take place on February 28 at the XXXV Contest of Costumes “Carnival Museum”.
    The names of the winning businesses will be published on the website of the Miguelturra City Council and will be called by phone on Friday, February 28 to attend the awards ceremony.
    The jury’s decision will be final.
  6. Three prizes will be awarded, leaving some desert if the jury deems it appropriate:
    – Award for originality and innovation. Travel gift voucher Sponsored by Sacra Distributions, valued at 100 euros.
    – Award for composition and traditional design. ravel gift voucher Sponsored by Viajes Rodrigo and Rodrigo’s Inmobiliaria, valued at 100 euros.
    – Special prize of the public. Travel gift voucher Sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, valued at 100 euros. All of them will be endowed with 30 wedges of advertising on Radio Miguelturra and an 8 by 11 centimeter announcement in the Municipal Newsletter from April 2020, carnival ceramics and accrediting diploma. For the special prize of the public, will be available from February 10 until 14:00 on February 25, an urn located in the House of Culture, in which you can enter the voucher filled and sealed by the establishment Participate in the contest.
    All persons who deposit their vouchers in the ballot box will participate in the raffle of three purchase vouchers valued at 50 euros each voucher, which will be awarded by Sacra Distribuciones, Viajes Rodrigo and Rodrigo’s Real Estate and by the Small Commerce Association respectively, to redeem in any establishment participating in the contest.
  7. The owners of establishments participating in the contest will not be eligible for the raffle. The communication of the winners will be carried out by telephone and will be made public through the municipal media. The prizes are not accumulative.
  8. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these rules.




2020 Masked Volleyball Bases

Sunday, February 23 at 4:30 p.m. Organized by ADV Miguelturra and Peña El Bufón

  1. All people over 16 years old, organized in teams of 4 people, can participate. At all times there will be 3 players on the court and another on the bench.
  2. The teams may be male, female or mixed, regardless of category.
  3. At least 4 teams must register for the tournament. Otherwise, it will be suspended. The maximum number of teams will be 20, chosen in strict order of registration.
  4. All participants must be dressed.
  5. The competition system will be “king of the track” with a maximum of three games in a row. You can re-enter the game as many times as desired during the 2 hours of the activity.
  6. The matches will be played to a single set of 11 points.
  7. It will be played following the official beach volleyball rules.
  8. The inscriptions will be made in the same place of realization of the activity from one hour before the beginning of the same and up to 15 minutes before the beginning.
  9. Awards:
    Tournament Winner¹: 50 euros, sponsored and redeemable at Las Tejas Restaurant
    Best Dressed team: 50 euros, sponsored and redeemable at Cafetería Ramón
    Fun team²: 50 euros, sponsored and redeemable at Cafeteria Katxis the Taberna del Beso
  10. The jury will be composed of members of the rock El Bufón and the ADV Miguelturra.
  11. The jury’s decision will be final, and prizes may remain deserted.
  12. The organization is not responsible for any injury or accident that may occur during the event.
  13. The participants authorize the organizers to take photographs and / or videos of the participants during the event, which can then be used in public media (internet, press …) for promotional and informative purposes.
  14. Participation in the contest means acceptance of these rules.
    ¹ The sports quality and originality of the plays will be valued.
    ² Sportsmanship and carnival spirit will be valued.
Bases XLI National Competition of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas

The Churriego Carnival comes to an end and it is best to celebrate it with the traditional Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas Contest. Start of the parade at 4:30 p.m.


The City Council of Miguelturra, through the Department of Celebrations, opens the Call, in competitive competition, for the awarding of the prizes of the contest of Piñata Sunday of the Carnival of Miguelturra 2020, festival of National Tourist Interest, with the object to promote carnival activity and strengthen and support initiatives that make the cultural life of the population grow. The call for prizes for the year 2020 is made public, which will be governed by the rules detailed below.



The purpose of this call is to award various prizes on the occasion of the Piñata Sunday contest of the Miguelturra Carnival, Festival of National Tourist Interest, for the promotion and growth of the carnival activity of the population.


Three modalities of participation are established, to which the groups must previously sign up:

CARROZAS CONTEST: This category includes the peñas or associations that do so with one or more carrozas in the parade.

COMPARSAS CONTEST: This category includes the Peñas or Associations that parade with music band, musical group and / or charanga, and that do not carry floats and music coming from PA systems.

MURGAS CONTEST: This category includes Peñas or Associations that parade without live music or music coming from public address systems and that are not included in the previous categories.

It will be the sole responsibility of each group to opt for the category they deem appropriate and meet the established requirements.


The following awards and categories are established.

ALHIGÍ HONOR AND SPECIAL AWARD FROM MIGUELTURRA TOWN HALL for the best assembly of the parade, float and troupe. SPECIAL OF 2,500 Euros


1st.- Prize: 1,800 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

2nd.- Prize: 1,300 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

3rd.- Prize: 1,000 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

4th.- Prize: 500 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council


1st.- Prize: 900 Euros. Sponsored by the City Council

2nd.- Prize: 700 Euros. Sponsored by CIUDATO Citroën Ciudad Real and Solar & Led

3rd.- Prize: 500 Euros. Sponsored by ITV Miguelturra – Hmnos. Fernández Mohino

4th.- Prize: 400 Euros. Sponsored by Restaurante Casa Pepe

4th.- Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by Tejidos Julián and Creaciones Romero


1st.- Prize: 400 Euros. Sponsored by Globalcaja

2nd.- Prize: 350 Euros. Sponsored by Cepsa – Carrefour  “La Estrella”

3rd.- Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra

3rd.- Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by Ignacio Manzanares

3rd.- Prize: 300 Euros. Sponsored by 3D3 Editores

All participating groups that have complied with these rules will be presented with Ham, Cheese, Wine Box “Señorío de los Llanos” donated by Distribuidora Hervás and ceramics of the Carnival 2020 of Miguelturra, provided that they meet the established requirements.

The organization will not pay any amount for travel or transportation grant to participants.


1st – All the Peñas, Associations or homogeneous groups of more than 20 people from all the national territory may participate. The number of entries will be limited to 35 by strict order of request, except for the clubs and groups awarded in the 2016 call, which are automatically registered although they must show their attendance. The non-ratification of the same will give place to the rocks that are in reserve.

2nd – The inscriptions, which will be free, will be made at the Miguelturra Town Hall of Culture, Tel .: 926 241090, communicating the following information: name of the Association, number of components, name of the representative or spokesperson, DNI, address , phone and dimensions of the carriage (in case they carry it), and category by which they compete.

3rd – Each group must carry in front and in a prominent place a sign showing the locality from which it comes and its denomination.

4th – The presence of animals in the parade must be previously approved by the Department of Celebrations, due to the possible risk of causing unforeseen accidents.

5th – From 3:00 p.m. Civil Protection will be organizing the concentration that will take place in the vicinity of Parquesol, the parade having the following route: Calz Pozuelo, Carretas, Ancha, Carnival, Plaza de España and Don José Mora, ending in the vicinity of First May Avenue.

6th – The Peñas or Associations must follow the instructions indicated by the Organization, Local Police and Civil Protection throughout the tour.

7th – Failure to comply with the instructions may be subject, in the Jury’s judgment, of possible disqualification.

8th – The Jury will be made up of a number of people of recognized solvency and their decisions will be final. The float, the music, the choreography, the number of components and the costumes, as well as the originality, staging and good aesthetic taste will be assessed in a special way and within each category.

9th – Each participating Peña, Association or Group may only qualify for a prize in its category.

10th – The Jury may not leave any of the prizes void.

11th – Prizes will be awarded at the end of the parade at the Carnival Palace (CERE) located in Dr. Fleming Park. It is recommended that at least two members go up to the prize collection, dressed in the parade costumes. The payment of the prizes will be effective after the conclusion of the Contest, and once the winners have provided the necessary data for this purpose.

12th – All prizes will be subject to the withholdings provided by law.

13th – Participation in the Contest implies acceptance of the above bases.


You can access the full text of this call on the website of the Miguelturra City Council.

In addition to the publicity of any call submitted to the General Subsidies Law, it will be given the widest possible dissemination among those who might be interested.


For any questions or clarification of this call, you can contact the Department of Celebrations of the Hon. Miguelturra Town Hall, at Perlerines Street No. 24, 13170 – Miguelturra (Ciudad Real), by phone at 926241090 Ext. 6002, or by email at the address cultura@ayto-miguelturra.es, you can access the bases and Annexes to this call on the website of the Miguelturra City Council.


The awarding of the prizes will be governed by what is established in its regulatory bases in this call, in what is not foreseen, Law 38/2003, of November 17, General of Grants and its development provisions, the Bases of Execution will apply of the Miguelturra City Council Budget for 2020 and other state or regional regulations that may apply.

What is made public for general knowledge.

Parade presentation: Municipal Broadcaster
Organize and collaborate: Civil Protection of Miguelturra
Broadcast streaming parade

Bases XXXV Costume Competition “Carnival Museum”

Friday, February 28 at 9:30 p.m.

  1. The Peñas de Miguelturra may participate, with the participation of individual masks representing or not local and / or provincial companies also being open.
  2. A double modality is established: Man and Woman.
  3. The costumes presented must participate in the Piñata Sunday parade and must be unpublished in Miguelturra.
  4. The winning suits in the modalities of men and women will remain the property of the participant, but they will commit to leave it for the “Carnival Museum” for 5 years, if the organization considers it appropriate. The winner in the individual modality must remain one year in the museum.
  5. Registrations will be made at the place of the contest, just before the start of the contest.
  6. The prize of the winning costumes will not be awarded until after the Piñata Sunday parade, once the organization observes that in the rock of the winning costume, a minimum of 20 people parade in the same suit as the winner. The winner of the individual suit is exempt from this point.
  7. The jury will be composed of people specialized in the subject, and their decisions will be final, being able to declare a desert prize.
  8. The jury will qualify according to the following criteria:
    Suit rating 80% from 0 to 8 points
    Makeup 10% 1 point
    Staging 10% 1 point
  9. For a more thorough examination, the assessment of the suit will be carried out in the dressing rooms before leaving the stage, with the participants ready for review half an hour before the start of the contest. Those people and clubs who do not comply with the stipulated schedule will be disqualified and may act out of competition. And its valuation will be immovable for the purposes of the other two remaining criteria.
  10. Awards:
    Women’s Costume: 400 eurostage on the scene 10% 1 points, sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council
    Men’s suit: 400 euros. sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council
    Individual Costume Award: 200 euros, sponsored by “CERTRADE”, Azulejos y Pavimentos
Bases XXXVII Contest in Frying Pan Fruit

Monday, February 24 at 12:00 p.m. Organized by Peña Los Rocheros, Puerta del Sol collaborates

  1. Participants may register at the Carnival Palace (CERE) until half an hour before the contest, which will be at 12:30 pm. No person under 18 can register.
  2. To cover the expenses, each registered participant will be helped with 5 euros for flowers, waffles, drunks and donuts (2 modalities) and 10 euros for roscapiña that will have to have a diameter of not less than 25 cm, and must be properly presented at the discretion of the organization.
  3. Each contestant will present a plate with 6 units with each of the two specialties to which it is presented (drunks, flowers, waffles and donuts). Only those contestants who come personally by providing name, surname and DNI will not be admitted, not admitting registration through third parties.
  4. The following awards are established:
    1st and 2nd of Roscapiña
    1st and 2nd Flowers
    1st and 2nd of Wafers
    1st and 2nd Donuts
    1st and 2nd of Borrachuelas
    The 1st prizes will receive 60 euros sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council.
    The 2nd prizes will receive 40 euros sponsored by INGEREIN, SLU.
    All the winners will receive a carnival pottery and a liquor case sponsored by “La Gaditana”
  5. The pieces must be brought home, the presentation and tasting will be rewarded.
  6. To participate you must prove the age of majority.

At the end of the contest, attendees can taste the delicious sweets presented, soaked with the lemon prepared by the friend “Octavio”.