A mask with a lot of art

X Edition of Your Mask Sounds Familiar organized by the Peña El Puntillo

Once again, the Carnival Palace is full to witness a new event of the Miguelturra Carnival, the X Edition of Your Mask Sounds Familiar.

At 8:30 p.m., the event organized by Peña el Puntillo began, which included imitations of the likes of Thalia, Chanel, Las Tijeritas, Normani, Lola Índigo, Melody, Mirabel, Los del Río, Camela, Azúcar Moreno, Elvis, our local folkloric group Nazarín, Lola Flores and the Pescailla.

The jury in this edition was made up of Juan Antonio Molina, Ana Isabel de Toro, Mª Carmen Rodríguez and Julián Margotón.

The contest is divided into three categories: Children-Youth, Individual Adult, Adult Duo and Adult Groups, leaving the prizes as follows:


  • 1st Prize, Belén Alcázar Espinosa for her imitation of Thalia, theme “Latin Woman”
  • 2nd Prize, Isabella Sola Martín for her imitation of Chanel, theme “Slomo”

School material prize valued at 50 euros sponsored by MyPaper.


  • 1st Prize 150 euros, David Méndez Mendoza for his imitation of Melodi, theme “Moon lovers”
  • 2nd Prize 100 euros, Sofía Molina Romero for her imitation of Lola Índigo, theme “The school girl”
  • 3rd Prize 75 euros, Estívaliz Cativiela for his imitation of Mirabel, theme “The Madrigal Family” from the movie Charm


  • 1st Prize 175 euros, Iván Molina and Tamara Navarro for their imitation of Azúcar Moreno, theme “Bandit”
  • 2nd Prize 125 euros, Casimiro and Elena for their imitation of Los del Río, theme “Macarena”


  • 1st Prize, 200 euros, Taconarte for his imitation of Lola Flores, Pescailla and his group, theme “Let the tiger eat me”

Awards sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council

Prior to the awards ceremony, a video was broadcast remembering the 50 couples of Major Masks and a tour of the carnival life of Chato, El Rayo, Encani and Charo, Major Masks of this year 2023. A video made by Berna Martínez and composed of images from the digital collection of the Asociación responsible for this website.

Also our Major Mask of 2023, José Luis (El Chato), received a surprise for being his birthday, a cake and the corresponding Happy Birthday sung in chorus by the entire Carnival Palace, CONGRATULATIONS.