Carnival Devilry

XI Edition of Your Mask Sound Familiar organised by Peña El Puntillo

Once again the Carnival Palace is full to witness a new event of the Carnival of Miguelturra, the XI Edition of Your Mask Sound Familiar.

The event organised by the Peña el Puntillo began at 20:30, with impersonations by the likes of Ana Mena, Belinda, Melodi, Concha Velasco, Lola Flores, Wednesday Adams, Úrsula, Jorge González, Triana Pura, Sonia and Selena, Los Muppets, Miguel Bosé and María Isabel.

The jury for this edition was composed of Estrella Domínguez, Ana Isabel de Toro, Mª Carmen Rodríguez and Francisco Sánchez. 

The contest is divided into three categories: Children-Youth, Individual Adult, Adult Duo and Adult Groups, leaving the prizes as follows:


  • 1st Prize, Nagore and Carla for their imitation of Ana Mena and Belinda,  song “The 12”.

School material prize valued at 50 euros sponsored by MyPaper.


  • 1st Prize sponsored by Fegopan, 150 euros, Emilio Rodríguez for his imitation of Jorge González, theme “Hot”.
  • 2nd Prize sponsored by Electro Chaplin, 100 euros, Mª Carmen Corral for her imitation of Mélodi, song “And they all look at me”.
  • 3rd Prize sponsored by the Town Council of Miguelturra, 75 euros, Estívaliz Cativiela for her imitation of Úrsula, theme “Poor Souls”.


  • 1st Prize 175 euros, Adrián del Hoyo and Estíbaliz Cativiela for their imitation of the Muppets, theme “Mahna Mahna”
  • 2nd Prize 125 euros, Tamara Navarro and Iván Molina for their imitation of Sonia and Selena, song “I want to dance”.
  • 3rd Prize 100 euros, Elena Donate and Casimiro Donate for their imitation of Triana Pura, theme “El probe Miguel”.

Awards sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council


  • 1st Prize, 200 euros, Ciruelín for his imitation of Miguel Bosé, song “Mr. Devil”.

Award sponsored by the Miguelturra Town Council

Once again, Adrián López, has delighted us with his voice live and out of competition.

The Peña el Puntillo, also wanted to pay tribute to their partner Loli for her birthday.

The awards ceremony was attended by the Councillor for Culture and Festivities, Carmen María Mohíno, President of the Cultural Association of Peñas, Raúl Domínguez, king of the carnival Serafín Delgado, major masks 2023, Charo, Encarni, Leandro and José Luis, major masks 2024, Mª Luisa and Rafa, representatives of the sponsors, MyPaper, Fegopan and Electro Chaplin.