Jennifer Lopez, Daniela Mercuri and Lola Indigo triumph in Your Mask Sounds Familiar

VII Edition of the contest Your Mask Sounds Familiar

Once again the Palace of Carnival is filled to witness a new Miguelturra Carnival event.

At 7:30 pm, the event organized by Peña el Puntillo began, with imitations of the likes of Jennifer López, musicals such as Grease, Sicter Act and Dirty Dancing, Lola Indigo, Xuxa, Rafaela Carrá, Azúcar Moreno, Daniela Mercuri, Donna and the Dynamons, Paula Rojo and Freddie Mercury.

The jury in this edition was composed of the Azúcar Moreno (Mercedes Rivas and Mercedes Espinosa) and by a Risto Mejide (Julián Margotón) that there is no one who walks him.

The contest is divided into three categories: Infant-Youth, Adult Individual and Adult Groups, with the prizes remaining as follows:


  • 1st Prize, Vega Barahona for its imitation of Jennifer López, theme “El anillo pa cuando”
  • 2nd Prize, Paula Fernández, Olivia Herance, Ahinoa López, Claudia Céspedes, Marina Pérez, Sofía Rojas and Héctor Muñoz for its imitation of Jennifer López, theme “El anillo pa cuando”
  • 3rd Prize, Javier, Carolina, Verónica, Lara, Alonso, Marina, Rubén, Bianca, Claudia, Paula and Paula Cazalla for its imitation of the musical Sister Act, theme “Follow Him”

Three prizes of school material valued at 150 euros sponsored by My Paper and three prizes for children’s art workshop valued at 150 euros sponsored by Catbox.


  • 1st Prize 150 euros, Emilio Rodríguez for its imitation of Lola Indigo, theme “Yo ya no quiero ná”
  • 2nd Prize 100 euros, Estívaliz Cativiela for its imitation of Paula Rojo, theme “The Wild Horses – Si me voy”
  • 3rd Prize 50 euros, Sergio Ruano for its imitation of Rafaela Carrá


  • 1st Prize, 200 euros, Miriam Fernández, Elisabeth Fernández, Anastasio Soriano, Mamen Soriano, Encarnación Rivas and Miriam Bastante for its imitation of Daniela Mercuri, theme “Popurri”
  • 2nd Prize, 150 euros, Raquel Cortés and Jesús González for its imitation of La La La, tema “Churry la Land”
  • 3rd Prize, 100 euros, Estibaliz, Gisela and Paco for its imitation of Donna and the Dynamons