“IMPERIVM” of the Special Award Burleta

The Burleta of Campo de Criptana with his fantasy “IMPERIVM”, special prize of the XXXIX regional contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Floats.

A splendid evening with the participation of 34 groups of clubs and comparsas from different points of Castilla-La Mancha, mainly from the province of Ciudad Real.

The first prize of chariots went to the Axonsou Cultural Association from Herencia and its fantasy “The Last Kingdom of Zhongquo”, while the second prize went to Haruspices from Tomelloso with his circus fantasy “May the magic continue”.

The Peña Kapikua of Miguelturra won the first prize of comparsas with the theme “The Chronicles of Narnia”, in the category of murgas the first prize went to the Peña El Cencerro from Daimiel and his fantasy “Spring”.

XXXIX Awards regional competition of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas

Floats Category:

Special Prize 2,000 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “El Burleta” of Campo de Criptana, theme “Imperivm”

1st Prize 1,300 euros ponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Axonsou” of Herencia, theme “The Last Kingdom of Zhongguo”

2nd Prize 1,000 euros sponsored by the Town Council of Miguelturra, “Harúspices” of Tomelloso, theme “May the magic continue”

3rd prize 800 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Amas de Casa” of Pozuelo de Calatrava, theme “One night at the Opera”

4th Prize 500 euros sponsored by Cervezas Calatrava, “La Escacharrá” of Almagro, theme “Go to India”

Comparsas Category:

1st Prize 400 euros sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra, Peña “Kapikua” of Miguelturra, theme “The chronicles of Narnia”

2nd Prize 375 euros sponsored by Casa Pepe Restaurant, Peña “Los Rocheros” of Miguelturra, theme “Quijota”

3rd Prize 350 euros sponsored by ITV Miguelturra, “Los Remaches” of Moral de Calatrava, theme “Thriller”

4th Prize 300 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña “La Garrota” of Daimiel, theme “Vikings”

4th Prize 300 euros sponsored by Hermanos Fernández Mohino, CB and the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña “El Bufón” of Miguelturra, theme “Musketeers”

Murgas Category:

1st Prize 275 euros sponsored by Globalcaja, “El Cencerro” by Daimiel, theme “Spring”

2nd Prize 250 euros sponsored by CEPSA-Carrefour “La Estrella”, Peña “Arco Iris” of Fuente el Fresno, theme “Master Music”

3rd Prize 200 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, School “Virgen del Socorro” of Argamasilla de Calatrava, theme “Tropical Birds”

3rd Prize 200 euros sponsored by Tejidos Julián, Peña “El Puntillo” of Miguelturra, theme “The Infinity Archers”

3rd Prize 200 euros sponsored by Aquilice and Mucho Más, Cultural Association “La Unión” of Porzuna, theme “Magic of the Amazon”

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Ready, Set, Go!! The Street Mask to the Race

VII Mask Race. “The Churriega”

The Street Mask takes the streets of Miguelturra on the second Saturday of Carnival. More than 400 participants in the mask race organized by the Association Runners from Miguelturra.

From 5:00 p.m. concentrated in the Plaza de la Constitución a large group of street masks, Major Masks of 2018 and other years, Peñas and different groups of costumes, to take the exit on a circuit of 2200 meters, whose end was in the vicinity of CERE, the most important part of this non-competitive race is having fun and being disguised. This race brings back old memories of those years in which the carnival was prohibited and where the races were not for fun, but to avoid arrest by the police and the civil guard, in addition to the corresponding fine. 

Once the race was over, the Palace of Carnival served as a stage for the Association of Widows of Our Lady of the Star, to distribute among the participants a delicious chocolate and some delicious pastries, recovering strength to participate in the Zumba Fitness Workshop taught by “Areté Fitness de Miguelturra” and in the Master Class of Twerking “Gerardo Just”, also raffled among the participants of the race, 3 monthly payments at the Areté Fitness Sports Center of Miguelturra valued at 175 euros and 2 pairs of shoes sponsored by Twinner.

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“La Victoria” first prize in Murgas and Chirigotas for the second consecutive year

La comparsa “La Victoria” with the theme “The journey of my life” is won with the first prize of the XXXVIII Murgas and Chirigotas Contest

Once the Carnival Museum Costumes competition was over, the Competition of Murgas and Chirigotas of the Carnival of Miguelturra 2018 began in its thirty-eighth edition.

The Victory of Puertollano comparsa through “The journey of my life”, staged the difficult situations of the African emigrant in getting a better future, for its part the comparsa Los Cansaliebres of Miguelturra and its “Apaja … y Let’s go “, they gave a tour with much humor to the municipal news, Los Flamencos del Barranco of Torralba de Calatrava and its theme” Sintron … ni son “, put on the stage the difficulties of retirees and their new responsibilities, El culo de la Manola of Daimiel and “Like my ass, none”, with a very daimileño theme in its 25th Anniversary, Pa mear y no echar gota of Alcázar de San Juan and his “Caprices of the sea” came to the scene dressed as sailors, while Los Fusionaos of Alcázar de San Juan, brought us the revels of San Isidro and their peculiar bridesmaids.

The situation in Cataluña was the theme with more allusion in the stanzas of the participating comparsas.

The jury composed by José Vicente Romero, composer and music teacher, Javier Vallejo, master in interpretation of bassoon, Rosa María Vallejo, senior professor of singing and Víctor López, senior guitar teacher, awarded the following prizes:

1st Prize 600 euros, La Victoria of Puertollano, theme “The journey of my life”

2nd prize 500 euros, Los Flamencos del Barranco of Torralba de Calatrava, theme “Sintron … ni son”

3rd Prize 400 euros, Pa mear y no echar gota of Alcázar de San Juan, theme “Caprices of the sea”

4th Prize 250 euros, Los Fusionaos of Alcázar de San Juan, theme “The Pillars of the Earth”

5th Prize 150 euros, El Culo de la Manola of Daimiel, theme “Like my ass, none”

The award ceremony was in charge of the Councilman of Celebrations, Diego Rodriguez, King of Carnival, Serafin Delgado, Raul Dominguez, President of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, Orestes Corral and Mª del Carmen León, Major Masks 2018, José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto, Major Masks 2017. All the prizes have been sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra.

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Kapikua triumphs in the Carnaval Museum Costumes Contest

Kapikua first prize in the man and woman costume, David Méndez first individual prize

The Palace of the Carnival is refilled to witness the XXXIII Contest Costumes Museum of Carnival. At 21:30 h., The local Peñas presented their costumes with which they will participate in the Piñata Sunday Parade. The winning costumes in the modality of men and women, will remain during the next five years in the Museum of Carnival ‘MOMO’, the winning costume in the individual modality, will do so for a year.

The prizes were the following:

Individual Costume

Prize 200 euros sponsored by Certrade Azulejos y Pavimentos, David Méndez Mendoza, theme “From Geisha to Warrior of the Zodiac”

Women’s Costume

Prize 400 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña Kapikua, theme “The Chronicles of Narnia” 

Men’s Costume

Prize 350 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña Kapikua, theme “The Chronicles of Narnia”

Once this contest was over and while the jury was deliberating, the prizes of the II Showcase Contest of the Carnival were given, this event has caused the local shops to show the festive and carnival atmosphere that Miguelturra breathes in these dates.

The event has been organized by the Small Commerce Association and the City Council of Miguelturra. The jury composed by Diego Rodríguez, Councilman of Celebrations of the City council of Miguelturra, Julián Arévalo and Raúl Domínguez, president of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, granted the following prizes:

Best Composition and Design Award, gift voucher sponsored by Viajes Rodrigo and Rodrigo’s Inmobiliaria, for Óptica Lara.

Originality and Innovation Award,  gift voucher sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra, for Electrodomésticos Tere.

Special Audience Award, bgift voucher for a trip sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, for Mercería Blanco y Rosa.

All the winners received the corresponding diploma, mask of the carnival, 30 spots of publicity in Radio Miguelturra and an announcement of 8 by 11 in the BIM of the month of April.

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Memories and a lot of feeling in Your Masks Sounds Familiar

Emotive VI Edition of the contest Your Masks Sounds Familiar

Once again the Palace of Carnival is filled to witness a new Miguelturra Carnival event. At 7:30 p.m. the event organized by Peña el Puntillo began, but before the first performance began, Peña el Puntillo gave an emotional tribute to one of its members, dedicating the following words to him:

“Good afternoon everyone, before starting the contest we want to dedicate a few words to a member of the Peña el Puntillo, who is no longer with us. Because we did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to him, today, we want to take advantage of his people, family and friends to remember him as he deserves. Iván, it’s almost a year ago that you left us, and for us it seems like yesterday when we were walking down Carnival Street with the leg of ham, or when you participated in this contest imitating Karmele Marchante and that was a tsunami of fun. It is difficult to forget a person like you, cheerful, generous, strong and friend of your friends and many other things. Thank you for all these years that you let us enjoy you and your person. You will always be among us with that joy that characterizes you. We will never forget you. And finally, we want to express our solidarity with the great loss of Juan Diego, better known as “Fity”, with family, friends and the Peña la Cabra. Thank you very much and we wish you to enjoy the contest”.

After these emotional words, the contest began with imitations of characters such as María Jiménez, Malú, Shakira and Nicky Jam, Xenotronic, Parcheesi, Los Morancos, Pink, Rozalén, Lina Morgan, Martirio, Pipi Calzaslargas and Mary Poppins. The jury did not want to be less and they did it of Lola Flores, Shakira and Cristina Aguilera. 

The contest is divided into three categories: Infant-Youth, Adult Individual and Adult Groups.

Out of competition, while the jury was deliberating, the president of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, Raúl Domínguez, David Méndez and Julián Morgotón, delighted us with the imitations of Falete, Isabel Pantoja and Lola Flores respectively.

The prizes of the contest in each of the modalities were the following:


  • 1st Prize, Aitana and Vera Barahona García for their imitation of Nicky Jam and Shakira, theme “Faithful Dog”
  • 2nd Prize, Marina Jara García for her imitation of Malú, theme “Invisible”
  • 3rd Prize, Amaya Rivas Céspedes for her imitation of Xenotronic, theme “PumPup Phejam”

The winners in this category received each of them, 50 euros in school materials sponsored by My Paper and participation in a children’s art workshop valued at 50 euros sponsored by Catbox.


  • 1st Prize 100 euros, Miriam Fernández for her imitation of María Jiménez
  • 2nd Prize 50 euros, Sergio Ruano for his imitation of Pipi Calzaslargas


  • 1st Prize, 100 euros, Loli, Alvaro, Iván, Alicia, Adrian, Andrea, Paco, Estibaliz and Carlos, for their imitation of Mary Poppins, theme “Supercalifragilisticoespialidoso”
  • 2nd Prize, 50 euros, Raquel and Jesus for their imitation of Pink
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La Peña la Cabra with a lot of pain buries Mrs Sardine

Before the incineration of Mrs Sardine, a minute of silence was observed for the sad death of a member of the Peña

For the first time, I am going to write an article in the first person, because today has been a very hard day for all of us who make up the Peña la Cabra, but especially for Serafín, our president and King of the Carnival, as well as for the four brave ones who have carried Mrs Sardine on her shoulders and who, before incinerating her, have lifted her to the highest point, to heaven, so that our companion and friend “Fity” could stroke her with her fingers, and it could carry it again in his shoulders as in the previous years.

They have been very hard moments, the pain of each step, each jump and each dance, was done so that the present audience could enjoy such a funeral, and since it has been held since 1982, always organized by the Peña la Cabra.

The Carnival Association of Miguelturra and all the Peñas that comprise it, have always been with us in the celebration of this act, but this year, they have been part of the organization of the same, with their support, the party has continued as usual, looking to the future, but without forgetting all those who stayed behind, who are no longer among us, always prevailing in our hearts.

Major Masks, Councilman of Celebrations, widowers and widows, clergy, children, street masks, Cupids, today was also the day of the Lovers, and even Elvis himself has wanted to say goodbye to Mrs Sardine.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the funeral procession started the traditional funerary parade through the streets of Miguelturra, crowded with people who wanted to dismiss the unfortunate Sardine between sobs, tears, smiles and dances.

Once the funeral procession arrived at the end of the tour, a minute of silence was observed in memory of our companion, as well as the tragically deceased young man during the celebration of the Carnivals of Herencia.

A lot of olive tree, has served as a base to create the purifying fire that has incinerated Mrs Sardine and put an end to the most traditional burial of the carnivals of Castilla-La Mancha, then roasted and distributed among those present about 100 kg of fresh sardines and more than 50 liters of lemon.

Mrs Sardine, rest in peace until next year.


Bernardino Martínez Romero
Peña la Cabra de Miguelturra


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