Estela Fernanda Agüero winner of the poster announcing the Carnival of Miguelturra 2018

“Carnival in family: Time to create, imagine and have fun” will be the image of Carnival Miguelturra 2018.

Estela Fernanda Agüero, based in Miguelturra, will receive 1,000 euros of prize and symbol of the contest during the celebration of the proclamation, will be next February 9 in the CERE.

On the morning of Wednesday, December 27 and in the halls of the House of Culture, the jury decided that “Carnival in family: time to create, imagine and have fun” should be the image of Carnival Miguelturra 2018, among 19 works submitted to the contest.

The jury of the contest was composed of: Diego Rodríguez Tercero, celebrations councilor, José María León Alcalde, professor of drawing, Raúl Domínguez Donate, president of the Miguelturra Carnival Association, Alberto Soria Martín de Lucía, vice president of the Carnival Association of Migueltura (with the right to speak and without a vote) and Ángela Sánchez Martín as secretary.

You can already vote for the poster announcing Carnival 2018

The edition of the 2018 poster announcing contest, has a total of 19 works.

Until next December 29, you can visit the exhibition of the works in the House of Culture and the popular vote will end on Tuesday, December 26.

The event organized by the Area of Celebrations of the City Council and in collaboration with the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, has a single cash prize of 1,000 euros and a commemorative gift of the contest. The prize will be given on the opening day of the carnival and as in previous years, will take place at the Palace of Carnival during the celebration of the proclamation of Carnival Miguelturra 2018.

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The act will take place on Saturday, January 13, starting at 9:00 p.m. in the CERE and will be organized by Los Cansaliebres.

The comparsa Gaditana “Araka la Kana” and the anthology of Juan Carlos Aragón, in pre-carnival 2018 of Miguelturra.

The churriego monologue Chema Trujillo, will intervene during the break of the first act of the churriego precarnaval 2018, whose main course is the comparsa from Cádiz “Araka la Kana” and the anthology of Juan Carlos Aragón.

Juan Carlos Aragón, is one of the most famous composers of the Cádiz carnival, in 1999 he won his first prize with the chirigota Los Yesterdays, in 2002 with Los Angeles Caídos, in 2007 with the comparsa Araka la Kana and in 2015 with the Los Millonarios comparsa.

Araka la Kana, from the hand of Juan Carlos Aragón Becerra, won the first prize of comparsas at the Teatro Falla de Cádiz, remembering the Uruguayan troupes. This first prize allowed them to make a tour through Uruguay in the month of April, sharing the stage with the Uruguayan comparsa of Montevideo ‘Araca la Cana’ by José María Gatussa Silva. They will also share the stage on June 7, 2007 at the Falla Theater in Cádiz at the Carnival Gala.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the price of 10 euros at the following points of sale: Casa de Cultura and Fegopán in Miguelturra, Patio de Mi Casa in Ciudad Real, Vip Padel in Malagón and Bar San Luis in Carrión. The price at the box office will be 13 euros.

The sponsors of the event are: City Council of Miguelturra, Onda Cero and Autotrack Mercedes Benz. While Kim Gymnasium, Fegopán, Alberto Soria Electrical Installations, Miguelturra Installations, Estrella Galicia, Dasego, Biluja and Veterinary Service Mark Pretty, act as collaborators of the event.

To the presentation act held in the plenary hall of the Town Hall of Miguelturra, on Thursday, December 4, have attended the celebrations councilman Diego Rodríguez and the president of the Peña Los Cansaliebres Alberto Soria.

Bases poster for 2018

Open the deadline for the contest poster for Carnival 2018.

The town hall and the Miguelturra Carnival Association, announce the competition for the election poster Carnival 2018, declared of Regional Tourist Interest and Costumbrista, the deadline for registration and submission of originals is open until December 11, 2017 and governed by the following BASES:

1. PARTICIPANTS: All those artists who wish to participate may participate, regardless of their nationality or artistic tendency.

2. THEME: Free, admitting only original works and not previously awarded, and can be presented in polychrome. The posters can be made by any procedure, photographic composition, digital system, painting, among others. If computer support is used, a paper reproduction must be attached, admitting a minimum format of A4.

3. DIMENSIONS: The posters presented will allow printing in 45 by 65 centimeters, with the following inscription on them: “MIGUELTURRA” (Ciudad Real) Carnaval 2018. FIESTAS DE INTERÉS TURÍSTICO. (The name of the town must have a prominent space, being in respect of the province in a proportionality never less than 1 to 5).

4. PRESENTATION: The posters will be presented without signature and with a slogan on the back of them. In a sealed envelope the motto will be expressed and inside it will include the author’s name and surname, address, telephone number, location, email address and affidavit of being the author and owner of the work.

5. REMISSION: Posters will be sent to the House of Culture, Perlerines Street, 26. 13170 Miguelturra (Ciudad Real) from the publication of the rules and until December 11, 2017. The referral will be under the responsibility and risk of the contestants.

6. PRIZE: A single prize of 1,000 euros and gift, a souvenir of the contest, is established. The prize is subject to the corresponding retention in concept of IRPF.

7. JURY: Will be appointed by the organization. Your decision will be unappealable.

8. EXHIBITION: The organization will exhibit the works presented at the Casa de Cultura, from December 12 to 29.

Non-awarded works may be withdrawn as of February 1, 2018, all during office hours and until March 15. After this date, the works not withdrawn will remain in the possession of the Organization.

9. PROPERTY: The award-winning creation will remain the property of the Organization, which reserves the right to reproduce it.

For more information, please contact the Culture Department of the Miguelturra Town Hall, telephone +34 926 24 10 90.

The Peñas encourage the September Festivities

Booths, lunch of brotherhood and party of the foam, are among others the activities that will organize the Peñas of the Churriego Carnival.

The Peñas Cansaliebres, Los Rocheros and La Cabra, they will set up the traditional booths in the fairground, good music and a magnificent festive atmosphere. They will remain open from September 7 to 11. They will also assemble the bars of the Multifunctional Auditorium.

Friday, September 8

VIII Contest of Tortilla, in the environs of the CERE from the 1:00 pm, Organized by the Municipal Council of Youth and with the collaboration Peña Los Cansaliebres.

In Doctor Fleming Park and from four in the afternoon, Foam Festival organized by the Municipal Youth Council and with the collaboration of Peña Kapikua.

Saturday, September 9

From 1:00 pm in Doctor Fleming Park, lunch of brotherhood of the Peñas Churriegas. Activity organized with the City Council and the Carnival Association of Miguelturra.

In the fairgrounds and from 5:30 pm, V Olive Bone Release Contest, activity organized by the Municipal Youth Council and with the collaboration of Peña el Puntillo.

Sunday, September 10

From 12:30 pm, VII Charangas Encounter: “El Bufón”, “Alhiguí” and “Kata Pum Chinpum”Concentration in the Plaza de España, parades and later, they will animate ‘La jarrilla’ in the Doctor Fleming park.

To end on Sunday, from 10.00 pm, Dance Encounter “TurraDance”: Kizomba/Bachata, Belly Dance, Modern, Flamenco and Funky in the Multifunctional Auditorium, with the collaboration of the Peña el Puntillo.

“The Conquest of El Dorado” of the Burleta also conquers Miguelturra

El Burleta from Campo de Criptana with its fantasy “The Conquest of El Dorado”, special prize of the XXXVIII regional contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas.

The rain did not make an appearance and it was possible to enjoy a parade with 35 groups of clubs and comparsas from different points of Castilla-La Mancha, mainly from the province of Ciudad Real.

The first prize of Carrozas went to the Peña “Harúspices” of Tomelloso and his fantasy “On the trail of Jetty”, while the second prize went to the Association Nuestra Señora del Carmen of Pozuelo de Calatrava with his fantasy “Mexican Culture”.

La Peña “Los Rocheros” of Miguelturra won the first prize of comparsas with the theme “Imperium” and in the category of murgas the first prize went to C.E.I.P. Virgen del Socorro from Argamasilla de Alba with its theme “Carnival light”.

Awards XXXVIII regional contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas

Category Carrozas:

Special Prize 2,000 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “El Burleta” from Campo de Criptana, theme “The Conquest of El Dorado”

1st Prize 1,300 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña “Harúspices” from Tomelloso, theme “On the trail of Jetty”

2nd Prize 1,000 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Nuestra Señora del Carmen from Pozuelo de Calatrava, theme “Mexican Culture”

3rd Prize 800 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Los Tunantes” from Piedrabuena, theme “Travel between two waters”

4th Prize 500 euros sponsored by the SEFA16 group, Peña el Molino from las Mesas of Cuenca, theme “Circus, let the show begin”

Category Comparsas

1st Prize 400 euros sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra, Peña “Los Rocheros” from Miguelturra, theme “Imperium”

2nd Prize 375 euros sponsored by Casa Pepe Restaurant, Peña “Kapikua” from Miguelturra, theme “Way of Dharma””

3rd Prize 350 euros sponsored by ITV Miguelturra, Peña “La Cabra” from Miguelturra, theme “Majorette”

4th Prize 300 euros sponsored by Cervezas Calatrava, Peña “El Bufón” from Miguelturra, theme “The Pinakoteka”

4th Prize 300 euros sponsored by Hermanos Fernández Mohino, CB and the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña “La Garrota” from Daimiel, theme “Asterix”

Category Murgas

1st Prize 275 euros sponsored by Globalcaja, Peña “Virgen del Socorro” from Argamasilla de Alba, theme “Carnival Light”

2nd Prize 250 euros sponsored by CEPSA and Carrefour “La Estrella”, Peña “El Puntillo” from Miguelturra, theme “In a place where fantasy became reality”

3rd Prize 200 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Cultural Association “Wasap” from Arenas de San Juan, theme “Aztec Fantasy”

3rd Prize 200 euros sponsored by Tejidos Julián, Peña “El Mogollón” from Robledo, theme “Dream between Violins”

3rd Prize 200 euros sponsored by Aquilice and Mucho Más, Peña “Arcoiris” from Fuente el Fresno, theme “Forest of Secrets”

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