José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto proclaimed Major Masks of the Carnival 2017
The Carnival of Miguelturra has two other Major Masks, José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto.

About 7:30 pm in the Plaza de España, the concentration of masks and Peñas began to begin the proclamation of the Major Masks of the Carnival 2017.

Organized by the Peña Los Cansaliebres, the parade went through the streets of the town to pick up José and Antonia, dressed in their corresponding costume for such a special occasion.

Subsequently, the entire delegation moved to the headquarters of the Peña Los Cansaliebres, where attendees have been able to enjoy the dagger and lemonade prepared by the members of the Peña.

At 9:00 pm, with a full Carnival Palace to welcome José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto, the act of proclamation began, with the assistance of local authorities, major masks from 2016 and other years, members of the Peñas de la locality, the King of Carnival and representatives of the Association of Peñas.

On stage and in the presence of the mayor, Victoria Sobrino, the councilman of celebrations, Diego Rodriguez, King of Carnival, Serafin Delgado and the President of the Association of Clubs, Raul Dominguez, the major masks of 2016 José Muñoz and Mercedes Rivas, have imposed the accreditation band of Major Masks of Miguelturra Carnival 2017 to José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto.

The most outstanding masks, José and Mercedes, have thanked the support received from their predecessors, while José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto, great carnivals, had words of thanks for all those who have supported them to be here today and who are going to do it the best possible as representatives of the churriego carnival.

From now on, José and Antonia will become part of the great carnival family of the Peña de Mascaras Mayores.

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