Memories and a lot of feeling in Your Masks Sounds Familiar

Emotive VI Edition of the contest Your Masks Sounds Familiar

Once again the Palace of Carnival is filled to witness a new Miguelturra Carnival event. At 7:30 p.m. the event organized by Peña el Puntillo began, but before the first performance began, Peña el Puntillo gave an emotional tribute to one of its members, dedicating the following words to him:

“Good afternoon everyone, before starting the contest we want to dedicate a few words to a member of the Peña el Puntillo, who is no longer with us. Because we did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to him, today, we want to take advantage of his people, family and friends to remember him as he deserves. Iván, it’s almost a year ago that you left us, and for us it seems like yesterday when we were walking down Carnival Street with the leg of ham, or when you participated in this contest imitating Karmele Marchante and that was a tsunami of fun. It is difficult to forget a person like you, cheerful, generous, strong and friend of your friends and many other things. Thank you for all these years that you let us enjoy you and your person. You will always be among us with that joy that characterizes you. We will never forget you. And finally, we want to express our solidarity with the great loss of Juan Diego, better known as “Fity”, with family, friends and the Peña la Cabra. Thank you very much and we wish you to enjoy the contest”.

After these emotional words, the contest began with imitations of characters such as María Jiménez, Malú, Shakira and Nicky Jam, Xenotronic, Parcheesi, Los Morancos, Pink, Rozalén, Lina Morgan, Martirio, Pipi Calzaslargas and Mary Poppins. The jury did not want to be less and they did it of Lola Flores, Shakira and Cristina Aguilera. 

The contest is divided into three categories: Infant-Youth, Adult Individual and Adult Groups.

Out of competition, while the jury was deliberating, the president of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, Raúl Domínguez, David Méndez and Julián Morgotón, delighted us with the imitations of Falete, Isabel Pantoja and Lola Flores respectively.

The prizes of the contest in each of the modalities were the following:


  • 1st Prize, Aitana and Vera Barahona García for their imitation of Nicky Jam and Shakira, theme “Faithful Dog”
  • 2nd Prize, Marina Jara García for her imitation of Malú, theme “Invisible”
  • 3rd Prize, Amaya Rivas Céspedes for her imitation of Xenotronic, theme “PumPup Phejam”

The winners in this category received each of them, 50 euros in school materials sponsored by My Paper and participation in a children’s art workshop valued at 50 euros sponsored by Catbox.


  • 1st Prize 100 euros, Miriam Fernández for her imitation of María Jiménez
  • 2nd Prize 50 euros, Sergio Ruano for his imitation of Pipi Calzaslargas


  • 1st Prize, 100 euros, Loli, Alvaro, Iván, Alicia, Adrian, Andrea, Paco, Estibaliz and Carlos, for their imitation of Mary Poppins, theme “Supercalifragilisticoespialidoso”
  • 2nd Prize, 50 euros, Raquel and Jesus for their imitation of Pink
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