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Absolute full at the start of the Pre-Carnival

Peña los Cansaliebres and Chirigota Los Quemasangre start the Churriego Pre-Carnival The Cansaliebres hang the sign of no tickets and fill the Carnival Palace, the Chirigota Los Quemasangre and the anthology of the Selu prelude to the carnivals 2020. About 9:00 p.m. On Saturday, February 8, a crowded Carnival Palace received the components of the […]

Bases of the contests of Miguelturra’s Carnival 2020

From this section, you can consult all the bases of the different competitions of the Carnival of Miguelturra 2020  

Presentation of the 2020 Carnival Program

The carnival museum ‘MOMO’ stage of the presentation of the Carnival 2020 program We already know the activities that will be held throughout the 2020 Carnival in Miguelturra. The presentation of the 2020 Carnival program has had the Miguelturra Carnival Museum ‘MOMO’ as its unbeatable scenario, which has had the presence of the local mayor, […]

IV Showcase Contest

The following awards are established: To originality and innovation, to the best composition and traditional design, and a special prize from the public.   The Celebrations area in collaboration with the Economic Promotion area, the Peñas de Carnaval Cultural Association and the Small Commerce Association, convened the fourth Carnival Showcase Contest of the commercial establishments […]

2020 Masked Volleyball Bases

Sunday, February 23 at 4:30 p.m. Organized by ADV Miguelturra and Peña El Bufón All people over 16 years old, organized in teams of 4 people, can participate. At all times there will be 3 players on the court and another on the bench. The teams may be male, female or mixed, regardless of category. […]

Bases XLI Concurso Nacional de Murgas, Comparsas y Carrozas

El Carnaval Churriego llega a su fin y lo mejor es celebrarlo con el tradicional Concurso de Murgas, Comparsas y Carrozas. Inicio del desfile a las 16:30 h. BASES REGULADORAS PARA LA CONCESIÓN DE LOS PREMIOS DEL CARNAVAL DE MIGUELTURRA 2020. El Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Miguelturra, a través de la Concejalía de Festejos, abre la […]