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The Burleta revolutionizes Miguelturra

The Burleta from Campo de Criptana with its fantasy of the “French Revolution”, special prize of the XL National Contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas A total of 33 groups participated in the parade, which was developed during a spring evening and with a very pleasant temperature. The first prize of floats has been for […]

“Los Flamencos del Barranco” first prize in Murgas and Chirigotas

The comparsa “Los Flamencos del Barranco” with the song “Zumba que te zumba” is won with the first prize of the XXXIX Contest of Murgas and Chirigotas Once the Carnival Museum Costumes competition was over, the Competition of Murgas and Chirigotas of the Carnival of Miguelturra 2019 began in its thirty-ninth edition. The picaresque and […]

La Cabra and El Puntillo triumph in the Carnaval Museum Costumes Contest

El Puntillo in the man’s suit and La Cabra in the woman’s, Mª Carmen Corral León, first individual prize The Palace of the Carnival is refilled to witness the XXXIV Carnival Costumes Contest. At 21:30 h., The local Peñas presented their costumes with those who will participate in the Pinata Sunday parade. The winning costumes […]

Jennifer Lopez, Daniela Mercuri and Lola Indigo triumph in Your Mask Sounds Familiar

VII Edition of the contest Your Mask Sounds Familiar Once again the Palace of Carnival is filled to witness a new Miguelturra Carnival event. At 7:30 pm, the event organized by Peña el Puntillo began, with imitations of the likes of Jennifer López, musicals such as Grease, Sicter Act and Dirty Dancing, Lola Indigo, Xuxa, […]

Even Zeus and Neptune cried for Mrs Sardina

The menacing rain throughout the afternoon, did not make an appearance during the tour of the funeral procession. The sadness of the Gods for the loss of Mrs Sardina, soaked with tears in the streets of Miguelturra during the celebration of the duel. But Zeus and Neptune, calmed their sadness so that the funeral procession […]

A Monday of disguise and gastronomy

The Frying Pan Fruit contest and the street mask, the most important carnival events on Monday At 12:30 h. the XXXVI Frying Pan Fruit Contest began at the CERE facilities, with the presence of the Mayor of Miguelturra, Victoria Sobrino, Councilman of Celebrations, Diego Rodríguez, members of the Municipal Corporation, Carmen Mohíno, Pedro Mellado and […]