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Africa conquers Miguelturra by the hand of the Burleta

The Burleta of Campo de Criptana with his fantasy “The Heart of Africa”, Alhiguí de Honor and special prize of the XLI National Competition of Murgas, Comparsas and Floats A total of 34 groups and some three thousand people have participated in the parade, which took place during an afternoon-night without the rain making an […]

“The Crystal Ball” first prize in Murgas and Chirigotas

The Comparsa “The Crystal Ball” wins the first prize in the XL Murgas and Chirigotas Contest Once the Carnival Museum Costumes contest ended, the Murgas and Chirigotas Contest of the Miguelturra Carnival 2020 began in its curantava edition. The picaresque and the mockery about local and national politics, technology, the Satisfyer, men and women, no […]

Double the Goat in the Carnival Museum Costumes contest

Peña La Cabra in the suit of men and women, David Méndez first individual prize The Carnival Palace is once again filled to witness the XL Carnival Museum Costume Competition. At 9:30 p.m., the local rocks presented their costumes with which they will participate in the Piñata Sunday parade. The winning costumes in the modality […]

Rosalia, Monica Naranjo and Aladdin, triumph in Your Mask Sounds Familiar

VIII Edition of the contest Your Mask Sounds Familiar Once again the Carnival Palace is filled to witness a new Miguelturra Carnival event. At 7:30 p.m., the event organized by Peña el Puntillo began, with imitations such as Rosalia, Beyoncé, Lola Indigo, Cheer, Rihanna, Mónica Naranjo, Camela or soundtracks such as Aladdin’s. The jury in […]

I’ve seen a pretty kitty!

A spring afternoon and a busy funeral procession dismisses Mrs. Sardine We arrive at the equator of the Miguelturra Carnival with the Burial of The Sardine, the oldest and most traditional of Castilla-La Mancha. Major Masks, Carnival King, Councilor for Celebrations, Widowers and Widows, the clergy, nuns and altar boys, street masks, boys and girls, […]

Carnival Tuesday, the party continues

Peñas meals, children’s games, leaving their mark, Onda Cero and the street mask, continue to give joy to Carnival During the morning the Peñas de Los Segadores and the Ham in the Plaza de la Constitución, Los Fregquísimos and Herederos de Loquilandia in the Doctor Fleming Park, made the meals, in the afternoon as promised, […]