The Burleta revolutionizes Miguelturra

The Burleta from Campo de Criptana with its fantasy of the “French Revolution”, special prize of the XL National Contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Carrozas

A total of 33 groups participated in the parade, which was developed during a spring evening and with a very pleasant temperature.

The first prize of floats has been for Haruspices from Tomelloso with its theme “Essence China”.

In comparsas the Rocheros from Miguelturra and its theme “Dynasty XIA” has won the first prize. As for the category of murgas, the first prize went to the Peña el Puntillo from Miguelturra and Mogollón from Robledo, with its theme “Conquista del Oeste”.

XL National Competition of Murgas, Comparsa and Carrozas

Floats Category:

Special Prize of 2,500 euros and Alhiguí de honor sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Burleta” from Campo de Criptana, theme “La Revolución Francesa”

1st Prize 1.800 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Harúspices” from Tomelloso, theme “Esencia China”

2nd Prize 1.300 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Amas de Casa” from Pozuelo de Calatrava, theme “Aromas de Café”

3rd Prize 1.000 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Axonsou” from Herencia, theme “El legado de Moctezuma”

4th Prize 500 euros sponsored by Calatrava Beer,  “Los Tunantes” from Piedrabuena, theme “My Tream, the great musical”

Comparsas Category:

1st Prize 900 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña “Los Rocheros” from Miguelturra, theme “Dinastía XIA”

2nd Prize 700 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña “Kapikúa” from Miguelturra, theme “Odín”

3rd Prize 500 euros sponsored by ITV Miguelturra, Peña “La Cabra” from Miguelturra, theme “Cultura Precolombina”

4th Prize 400 euros sponsored by Tejidos Julián, Peña “El Bufón” from Miguelturra, theme “Arlequín Veneciano”

4th Prize 300 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “La Garrota” from Daimiel, theme “Mosqueteros”

Murgas Category:

1st Prize 400 euros sponsored by Globalcaja, Peña “Puntillo” from Miguelturra and “Mogollón” from Robledo, theme “La Conquista del Oeste”

2nd Prize 350 euros sponsored by CEPSA-Carrefur “La Estrella”, “AC Arco Iris” from Fuente el Fresno, theme “Mare Nostrum”

3rd Prize 300 euros sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra, “Los Tardíos” from Membrilla, theme “Egipcios”

3rd Prize 300 euros sponsored by Aquilice and Mucho Más, “Colegio Virgen del Socorro” from Argamasilla de Calatrava, theme “Las Cuatro Estaciones”

3rd Prize 300 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, “Asociación Coro Juvenil” from Miguelturra, theme “Coco”

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“Los Flamencos del Barranco” first prize in Murgas and Chirigotas

The comparsa “Los Flamencos del Barranco” with the song “Zumba que te zumba” is won with the first prize of the XXXIX Contest of Murgas and Chirigotas

Once the Carnival Museum Costumes competition was over, the Competition of Murgas and Chirigotas of the Carnival of Miguelturra 2019 began in its thirty-ninth edition.

The picaresque and the mockery about local and national politics, sports, men and women, nobody escaped from the stanzas of the chirigotas participants, interpreted with very good humor.

The jury composed of José Vicente Romero, Javier Vallejo, Rosa María Vallejo, Víctor López and Inmaculada Martín de Lucía, awarded the following prizes:

1st Prize 600 euros, Los Flamencos del Barranco from Torralba de Calatrava, theme “Zumba que te Zumba”

2nd Prize 450 euros, Gran Reserva from Pedro Muñoz, theme “Con lo a gusto que estaba yo”

3rd Prize 400 euros, Los Cansaliebres from Miguelturra, theme “A quien pillo apaño”

4th Prize 250 euros, Pa mear y no echar gota from Alcázar de San Juan, theme “El mayor espectáculo del mundo”

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La Cabra and El Puntillo triumph in the Carnaval Museum Costumes Contest

El Puntillo in the man’s suit and La Cabra in the woman’s, Mª Carmen Corral León, first individual prize

The Palace of the Carnival is refilled to witness the XXXIV Carnival Costumes Contest. At 21:30 h., The local Peñas presented their costumes with those who will participate in the Pinata Sunday parade. The winning costumes in the modality of men and women, will remain during the next five years in the Carnival Museum ‘MOMO’.

The awards were the following:

Individual Costume

Prize 400 euros sponsored by Certrade Azulejos y Pavimentos, Mª Carmen Corral León theme “Tributo al Circo del Sol”

Women’s Constume

Premio 400 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña La Cabra, theme “Cultura Precolombina” 

Men’s Constume

Premio 400 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, Peña El Puntillo, theme “La Conquista del Oeste”

Once this contest was over and while the jury was deliberating, the prizes of the III Carnival Showcase Contest were handed out, this event has caused the shops in the town to show the festive and carnival atmosphere that Miguelturra breathes on these dates.

The event has been organized by the Association of Small Commerce and the City Council of Miguelturra. The jury composed by Diego Rodríguez, Councilman of Celebrations of the City council of Miguelturra, Julián Arévalo and Raúl Domínguez, president of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, granted the following prizes:

Best Composition and Design Award, gift voucher sponsored by Viajes Rodrigo and Rodrigo’s Inmobiliaria,  for Óptica Lara.

Originality and Innovation Award,  gift voucher sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra, for El Colmao.

Special Audience Award, gift voucher for a trip sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra, for Disfrutería de Alba.

All the winners received the corresponding diploma, mask of the carnival, 30 spots of publicity in Radio Miguelturra and an announcement of 8 by 11 in the BIM of the month of April.

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Jennifer Lopez, Daniela Mercuri and Lola Indigo triumph in Your Mask Sounds Familiar

VII Edition of the contest Your Mask Sounds Familiar

Once again the Palace of Carnival is filled to witness a new Miguelturra Carnival event.

At 7:30 pm, the event organized by Peña el Puntillo began, with imitations of the likes of Jennifer López, musicals such as Grease, Sicter Act and Dirty Dancing, Lola Indigo, Xuxa, Rafaela Carrá, Azúcar Moreno, Daniela Mercuri, Donna and the Dynamons, Paula Rojo and Freddie Mercury.

The jury in this edition was composed of the Azúcar Moreno (Mercedes Rivas and Mercedes Espinosa) and by a Risto Mejide (Julián Margotón) that there is no one who walks him.

The contest is divided into three categories: Infant-Youth, Adult Individual and Adult Groups, with the prizes remaining as follows:


  • 1st Prize, Vega Barahona for its imitation of Jennifer López, theme “El anillo pa cuando”
  • 2nd Prize, Paula Fernández, Olivia Herance, Ahinoa López, Claudia Céspedes, Marina Pérez, Sofía Rojas and Héctor Muñoz for its imitation of Jennifer López, theme “El anillo pa cuando”
  • 3rd Prize, Javier, Carolina, Verónica, Lara, Alonso, Marina, Rubén, Bianca, Claudia, Paula and Paula Cazalla for its imitation of the musical Sister Act, theme “Follow Him”

Three prizes of school material valued at 150 euros sponsored by My Paper and three prizes for children’s art workshop valued at 150 euros sponsored by Catbox.


  • 1st Prize 150 euros, Emilio Rodríguez for its imitation of Lola Indigo, theme “Yo ya no quiero ná”
  • 2nd Prize 100 euros, Estívaliz Cativiela for its imitation of Paula Rojo, theme “The Wild Horses – Si me voy”
  • 3rd Prize 50 euros, Sergio Ruano for its imitation of Rafaela Carrá


  • 1st Prize, 200 euros, Miriam Fernández, Elisabeth Fernández, Anastasio Soriano, Mamen Soriano, Encarnación Rivas and Miriam Bastante for its imitation of Daniela Mercuri, theme “Popurri”
  • 2nd Prize, 150 euros, Raquel Cortés and Jesús González for its imitation of La La La, tema “Churry la Land”
  • 3rd Prize, 100 euros, Estibaliz, Gisela and Paco for its imitation of Donna and the Dynamons
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Even Zeus and Neptune cried for Mrs Sardina

The menacing rain throughout the afternoon, did not make an appearance during the tour of the funeral procession.

The sadness of the Gods for the loss of Mrs Sardina, soaked with tears in the streets of Miguelturra during the celebration of the duel. But Zeus and Neptune, calmed their sadness so that the funeral procession in honor of Mrs Sardina, could receive the honors of those who went out to dismiss her as she deserves.

Major Masks, King of Carnival, councilman of Celebrations, widows and widowers, clergy, nuns and altar boys, street masks, boys and girls, accompanied by two charangas, honored and made a deserved farewell to Mrs Sardina.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the funeral procession began the traditional funerary parade through the streets of Miguelturra, crowded with people who wanted to dismiss the unfortunate Sardina between sobs, tears, kicks, smiles and dances.

As is traditional, the purifying fire caressed Mrs Sardina and raised her with the Gods, to put an end to the most traditional burial of the carnivals of Castilla-La Mancha declared of National Tourist Interest.

And as the proverb says ‘the pains with bread are less’, the delegation went to the tent of the Peña la Cabra to taste some grilled sardines and a good lemonade, which undoubtedly softened part of the grief of those present.

‘Requiescat in pace’, but… until next year.

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A Monday of disguise and gastronomy

The Frying Pan Fruit contest and the street mask, the most important carnival events on Monday

At 12:30 h. the XXXVI Frying Pan Fruit Contest began at the CERE facilities, with the presence of the Mayor of Miguelturra, Victoria Sobrino, Councilman of Celebrations, Diego Rodríguez, members of the Municipal Corporation, Carmen Mohíno, Pedro Mellado and Miguel Angel García, 2018 major masks, Orestes Corral and Mª Carmen León and the 2019 major masks, Antonio Rodrigo and Mª Paz del Hierro.

The Peña Rocheros, have been the organizers of the event and Octavio Martín has elaborated lemonade, which is always exquisite. The SER channel broadcast live during the celebration of the event.

Awards of the XXXVI Contest in Frying Pan Fruit:

Barquillos Modality

  • 1st Prize, Mª Carmen Corral León
  • 2nd Prize, Mª Prado Corral Palmero

Borrachuelas Modality

  • 1st Prize, Mª Carmen Corral León
  • 2nd Prize, Paqui Ramírez Rodrigo

Flores Modality

  • 1st Prize, Desi Pérez Lozano
  • 2nd Prize, Floriana Cerros Hervás

Roscapiña Modality

  • 1st Prize, Floriana Cerros Hervás
  • 2nd Prize, Rita Ramírez Rodrigo

Rosquillas Modality

  • 1st Prize, Mª Carmen Corral León
  • 2nd Prize, Mª Prado Corral Palmero

The first prizes were sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra consisting of 60 euros each, the second prizes sponsored by ‘El Colmao de Miguelturra’ and each one of them with a batch of products valued at 40 euros. All the winners received a box of liquors sponsored by La Gaditana and the traditional Carnival Pottery.

The late night began with the concentration of Masks Street in the vicinity of the Plaza de España, from 19:00 h. They filled Carnival Street with joy and color, joking the naive strollers to the cry of “What don’t you know me?

The television program ‘Wide is Castilla-La Mancha’ did not want to miss the event and broadcast live from Carnaval Street.