A Monday of disguise and gastronomy

The Frying Pan Fruit contest and the street mask, the most important carnival events on Monday

At 12:30 h. the XXXVI Frying Pan Fruit Contest began at the CERE facilities, with the presence of the Mayor of Miguelturra, Victoria Sobrino, Councilman of Celebrations, Diego Rodríguez, members of the Municipal Corporation, Carmen Mohíno, Pedro Mellado and Miguel Angel García, 2018 major masks, Orestes Corral and Mª Carmen León and the 2019 major masks, Antonio Rodrigo and Mª Paz del Hierro.

The Peña Rocheros, have been the organizers of the event and Octavio Martín has elaborated lemonade, which is always exquisite. The SER channel broadcast live during the celebration of the event.

Awards of the XXXVI Contest in Frying Pan Fruit:

Barquillos Modality

  • 1st Prize, Mª Carmen Corral León
  • 2nd Prize, Mª Prado Corral Palmero

Borrachuelas Modality

  • 1st Prize, Mª Carmen Corral León
  • 2nd Prize, Paqui Ramírez Rodrigo

Flores Modality

  • 1st Prize, Desi Pérez Lozano
  • 2nd Prize, Floriana Cerros Hervás

Roscapiña Modality

  • 1st Prize, Floriana Cerros Hervás
  • 2nd Prize, Rita Ramírez Rodrigo

Rosquillas Modality

  • 1st Prize, Mª Carmen Corral León
  • 2nd Prize, Mª Prado Corral Palmero

The first prizes were sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra consisting of 60 euros each, the second prizes sponsored by ‘El Colmao de Miguelturra’ and each one of them with a batch of products valued at 40 euros. All the winners received a box of liquors sponsored by La Gaditana and the traditional Carnival Pottery.

The late night began with the concentration of Masks Street in the vicinity of the Plaza de España, from 19:00 h. They filled Carnival Street with joy and color, joking the naive strollers to the cry of “What don’t you know me?

The television program ‘Wide is Castilla-La Mancha’ did not want to miss the event and broadcast live from Carnaval Street.


Bases of the contests of Miguelturra’s Carnival 2019

From this section, you can check all the bases of the different contests of the Miguelturra Carnival 2019


carnival-miguelturra-1-prize-photography 2018
Presentation of Carnival 2019

The City Council of Miguelturra and the Peñas Association present the Carnival program

The activities of the Carnival of Miguelturra 2019 will already be known, the first to be celebrated with a declaration of National Tourist Interest.

About 10:20 h. Friday, February 22, in the plenary hall of the City Council has been presented the program of activities of Carnival 2019.

The event was chaired by the mayor of the town Victoria Sobrino in the plenary hall of the City Council of Miguelturra. Also attended by the councilman of celebrations, Diego Rodríguez, the president of the peñas, Raúl Domíguez, the King of Carnival, Serafin Delgado, major masks of Carnival 2019, Orestes and Mª Carmen, as well as those who will be in 2019, Antonio and Mª Paz.

The Fuga concert at the Palacio del Carnaval is one of the main novelties of this year. It will be held the same day of the proclamation from twelve o’clock at night.


Nacho Guerreros, crier of the Miguelturra Carnival

Interprets ‘Coque’ in the popular series ‘La que se avecina’

Ignacio Guerreros García, was born in Calahorra (La Rioja), he started professionally in theater and in 2005 he was nominated by the Union of Actors as best theater actor thanks to the work ‘Bent’ by Martín Sherman and directed by Gina Piccirilli.

This nomination, serves to make a great leap in his career as an actor and in 2006, began his career in the television series of Antena3 ‘Aquí no hay quien viva’, playing José María.

Since 2007, he plays the character Jorge Calatrava ‘Coque’, in the Tele5 series ‘La que se avecina’, with which he won the award ‘Alcazaba’ of Avila in 2016, he has recently been nominated as best comedy actor in the MiM Series 2018.

Nacho Guerreros, opts for the XXII Max Performing Arts Awards in the category of Best Actor Protagonist for his role in the play ‘Broken Toys’

The work produced by him and currently on tour, has other nominations, being one of the most nominated productions.

She is nominated for the Best Theater Show (Rokamboleskas Productions), Best Theatrical Authoring (Carolina Román), Best Scenic Space Design (Alessio Meloni) and Best Costume Design (Cristina Rodríguez).

Kike Guaza is also nominated along with Nacho in the category of Best Actor Protagonist.

A luxury crier for the first carnivals with declaration of national tourist interest.

We are approaching a great proclamation by the hand of Nacho Guerreros, which surely will not leave anyone indifferent.

On Friday, March 1, at 8:00 p.m., street peñas and masks will be concentrated in the Plaza de España in front of the Town Hall, to receive as it deserves Nacho Guerreros and later, accompany it to the Palace of Carnival to start the proclamation with which the first carnival will be kicked with declaration of national tourist interest, being the estimated time of beginning at 21:00 h.

The act will be organized by the Peña Los Segadores.



Two new components in the Peña Major Masks

Antonio and M ª Paz are already members of the Peña major masks

From Sunday 17th February, which will be the biggest masks of Carnival 2019, Antonio and M ª Paz, and they are of the Peña Major Masks .

As tradition dictates, the predecessors major masks have welcomed the new and have celebrated with a mini party in his honor, which has not missed the traditional chocolate that usually accompanies this event .

Next Saturday March 2, Antonio and M ª Paz will receive the affection of the people of Miguelturra and will be officially Major Masks of the Carnival of Miguelturra. Today they have received it from their companions and comrades, who will serve as a guide during the ten days that lasts the Carnival Churriego .


Presentation of the Carnival of Miguelturra in FITUR 2019

The Stand of Castilla-La Mancha stage of the presentation

About 14:30 pm on Friday 25th January, has been presented the Carnival of Miguelturra at the International Tourism Fair 2019.

The mayor of the town Victoria Sobrino, has expressed her satisfaction to present to our carnival as a festival of national tourist Interest, highlighting the street mask as the most representative figure of the party.

Nephew, has also made a tour of the various events to be held during the upcoming carnivals of 2019, including the opening speech, burial of the sardine, Carnival Costumes Museum, Chirigotas and Parade of Murgas, groups and floats.

It has also made reference to the Carnival Museum ‘MOMO’, one of the few museums in the world exclusively dedicated to Carnival.

The first mayor of the consistory of Miguelturra, has finished his speech with the most known phrase in our carnivals, what don’t you know me?

The event was attended by a large group of people representing the local Peñas, the councillor for celebrations, Diego Rodríguez, various members of the Municipal Corporation, King of Carnival, Serafin Delgado, president of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, Raúl Domínguez, Major Masks 2019, Antonio and Mª Paz, Major Masks 2018, Orestes and Mª del Carmen, as well as our street mask .