José Ribagorda will announce the Carnival of Miguelturra 2017
The well-known journalist will give the starting signal to the most popular festivals of the town, declared of Regional Tourist Interest and Costumbrista.

Miguelturra already has a name for the preacher of the carnivals, the well-known journalist Pepe Ribagorda, will be in charge of giving the starting signal to the most popular festivities of the town, declared of Regional Tourist Interest and Costumbrista.

With his election as a preacher, the Miguelturra Carnival returns to nourish himself with a well-known face related to the media. Madrileño of 56 years and dedicated to journalism for three decades, is since 2006, the face of the news of Telecinco.

Although his professional beginnings are in the world of radio, first for Radio Spain and later on the COPE Chain, combining his radio work with collaborations in the economic newspaper Five Days, his first contact with the world of television takes place in 1990 when he joined Telecinco. Later, in February of 1997, he signed for Spanish Television and conducted the newscast in its third edition. In this medium, in 2004, he is appointed deputy director of the daily interview space and political gathering “The breakfasts of TVE”, and finally, in February 2006, returns to the Tele 5 news, is currently the editor and presenter of the news in this chain.

But in addition, Ribargorda is a lover of the kitchen, already in 2012 he presented “Chefs without Star” on the mornings of the weekend of Tele 5. To this passion he dedicates his web and also, has been recognized by the Spanish Hospitality Federation for its work in Mediaset promoting national gastronomy.

José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto will be the Major Masks of the Carnival 2017

The Department of Celebrations and the Association of Clubs of Carnival of Miguelturra have already announced the name of those who will be Major Masks of the Carnival 2017, one of the most emblematic and representative figures of this festival declared of Regional Tourist Interest and Costumbrista and that in this year they will be represented by José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto.

The mayor of Miguelturra, Victoria Sobrino, accompanied by the councilman of Celebrations, Diego Rodriguez, the King of Carnival, Serafin Delgado and the president of the Association of Peñas del Carnaval, Raul Dominguez, has been in charge of welcoming the Masks May 2017 at a reception that took place in the Plenary Hall of the Town Hall of Miguelturra. In this presentation have also been present the Masks of 2016, known as “outgoing”, José Muñoz Ramírez and Mercedes Rivas Tellería.

Sobrino has welcomed José and Antonia highlighting that for the carnival of Miguelturra the Masks are the emblem, “since throughout the carnival you will be in charge of representing, as Carnival authorities, all the people of Miguelturra and we will recognize it during these days“.

Sobrino has explained that they are a life-long carnival couple since “Pepe” has been together with Octavio Martín, founder of the Peña carnavalera Los Segadores in 1981, “so they carry from within, like many churriegos and churriegas, the carnival”.

The mayor “wanted to congratulate and also thank the outgoing Major Masks for the good work done last year and he hopes that this year the entrants will enjoy the affection of the people of Miguelturra because it is a unique opportunity to experience the carnival”.

Of course, he has also thanked Serafin, Raul Dominguez and the councilman of Celebrations for the involvement and previous work so that these carnivals, one of the most important festivals of the municipality, go forward in the best possible way.

After the mayor the first to speak has been the King of Carnival has been delighted that friends like “Pepe” and “Antonia” this year are the Major Masks and explained that it has “cost very little to convince them and they have always said yes “, and like every year, Serafin repeats that “this is one of the best experiences that can be lived in the Carnival of Miguelturra“.

For his part, the president of the Association of Peñas del Carnaval, Raul Dominguez, has begun by welcoming from the Peñas Association to Pepe and Antonia, as Major Masks  2017, to which he has said they will have all the necessary support to live this magnificent experience as it is to be Mask Major. He also thanked José and Mercedes for their role as Major Mask 2016. “For me, as the first year of president of the Carnival Peñas, it will be a pleasant memory to share these carnivals with you“.

The 2016 Major Masks, José and Mercedes, have had a few words of welcome for those who are going to be their carnival companions, reiterating that for them it was an honor and a privilege “and you will enjoy it this year”.

Both have wanted to thank everyone “for the support both institutional, as the supporters, for the affection that showed them all the people and of course, to those who were Major Masks 2015 Diosco and Vero for support throughout.

The protagonists of this year, have been delighted and hope to enjoy and be up to defend the Miguelturra carnival as it deserves”.

Finally, we must remember that José Cañizares and Antonia Nieto will be proclaimed as Major Masks at the Carnival Palace on Saturday, February 25, once the outgoing Major Masks give them the witness, although they will be their inseparable companions in all the official acts during the carnival 2017.


The First Carnival Showcase Contest will wear the party town

Organized by the Celebration Area in collaboration with the Economic Promotion Area, the Cultural Association “Peñas de Carnaval”, the Small Business Association and the Miguelturra Employment Shuttle.

Miguelturra is already preparing for the carnivals and this time it is done by the hand of the small shop in the town with the “First Carnival Showcase Contest“.

Diego Rodríguez, as councilman of Celebrations, has announced the bases of the same in a press conference in which he has been accompanied by the councilor of Economic Promotion, Miguel Fernandez; Francisco Ramos, president of the Association of Small Commerce and Alberto Soria, vice president of the Peñas de Carnaval Cultural Association, since they have collaborated with Celebrations in the organization of the same.

A contest whose corporate image has been prepared by the participants in the Miguelturra Employment Shuttle and whose objective, as explained by the mayor of Celebrations, “is to encourage and reward the merchants who, with their effort, support the promotion and improvement of the image of the trade with a special decoration of its shop windows, thus creating a pleasant carnival atmosphere of purchase during these dates and giving an added incentive to local commerce”.

For his part, Miguel Fernandez explains that “working together implies that the event goes ahead with the empowerment not only of this contest, but of the agents involved, starting with the small business and ending with the festivities of the town.” Something that Ramos has corroborated that he has remembered “that investing in small businesses is investing in the people”.

Finally, Soria said “that everything that is to promote the biggest party in the town, as is the carnival, will be supported by the Association of Peñas”.

The rules indicate that all retail and wholesale establishments in Miguelturra and all establishments that have a display case, such as an office, training center…, may participate in the contest.

The inscription in the contest will be gratuitous, having to realize in the House of Culture of Miguelturra. The registration period will be from 1 to February 10, 2017 and the trade must have prepared its showcase on February 15, 2017 until March 5, 201.

The jury appointed by the organization will visit the participating stores during the period established in the previous base on Thursday, March 2 and will announce its verdict at the awards ceremony to be held on March 4 at the Drag gala.

The names of the winning shops will be published on the website of the City Council and will be called by telephone on Friday March 3 to attend the awards ceremony. The decision of the jury will be unappealable.

Three prizes will be awarded, with one remaining deserted if the jury deems it appropriate: Award for originality and innovation; Award for the best composition and design and Special Prize of the public.

All of them will be endowed with 30 publicity spots on Radio Miguelturra and an announcement of 8 by 11 in the BIM (Municipal Information Bulletin) of April 2017, mask of the carnival and a diploma. Also the commercial stores Sacra Distribuciones e Inmobiliaria and Viajes Rodrigo will give away a weekend gift voucher for each winner valued at 150 euros respectively.

For the special prize of the public, will be available, from February 15 to 2:00 pm on March 2, an urn located in the House of Culture, in which the population that buys or consumes in stores or participating establishments, deposit their voucher filled and stamped by the establishment. All the people who deposit their vouchers in the box will participate in the raffle of three purchase vouchers valued at 50 euros each, which will be granted by Sacra Distribuciones, Viajes Rodrigo and Rodrigo’s Inmobiliaria respectively, to be exchanged at any participating establishment in the competition.

The owners of the participating establishments in the contest will not be eligible for the draw. The communication of the winners will be made by telephone and will be made public by the municipal media. The prizes are not accumulative.


Guillermo Summers Crier of Honor of the Miguelturra Carnivals

Concert of the Cádiz comparsa “Los Cobardes” organized by the Peña Los Cansaliebres

More than 900 people have packed the Carnival Palace of Miguelturra to celebrate the first of the carnival events of 2017 and has done so by proclaiming as honor town crier the one who already preached the most emblematic party of the town in 1997, the scriptwriter and television presenter Guillermo Summers.

The mayor of Miguelturra, Victoria Sobrino, has been responsible for delivering the parchment that accredits Summers as illustrious Crier of Honor Miguelturra Carnival in gratitude for his involvement and the work he has developed over the years in the election of carnival crier miguelturreño.

Sobrino, who has been visibly excited by the celebration of this act, wanted to publicly thank the love with which Guillermo Summers has always treated Miguelturra and his carnivals, noting that “it is quite an honor to be a representative figure of our”.

The first mayor, has also appreciated the work that has played the Carnival Association of Miguelturra to organize this beautiful homage of proclamation of the Crier of Honor, without forgetting the work carried out from the areas of Culture and Celebrations as well as the entire carnival community.

Finally, Sobrino thanked the presence of “the best comparsa of Cádiz and Spain”, Los Cobardes, recognizing the privilege that Miguelturra has been chosen as the final destination of the winners of the 2016 COAC. He has also made public the gratitude to the “Los Cansaliebres” peña “for making us warm up for our beloved carnival”.

For his part, the already proclaimed town crier of honor, Guillermo Summers, has reiterated his gratitude “to all those who have made it possible for him to be in Miguelturra again today”. Among his words of thanks, Summers stressed his desire “to maintain my status as a crier” by showing his satisfaction with quartets that recalled how 20 years ago he gave the proclamation of the carnival “and how I am happy today in this beautiful city where I have been shown again our great friendship”. The brand-new town crier of honor has thanked the people of Migueltur to dedicate this honor, affirming that “there is no equal carnival, from Miguelturra to heaven”, to finish with “Three Cheers … live Miguelturra”.

Prior to the event, Guillermo Summers, accompanied by the mayor, Victoria Sobrino, the Councilor for Culture, Fátima Mondejar, the councilman of Celebrations, Diego Rodríguez, as well as members of the Municipal Corporation and carnival authorities, such as the King of Carnival, Serafin Delgado, the president of the Carnival Association of Miguelturra, Raúl Domínguez, the 2016 Major Masks and those that will be proclaimed in 2017, has discovered a commemorative plaque of this act in the MOMO (Carnival Museum).

The act of proclamation of the Town Clerk of Honor took place at the end of the end of tour concert of the Cádiz troupe “Los Cobardes” by Antonio Martínez Ares, which with his anthology “Al Caldero” has shown to the respectable public of Miguelturra (which has stopped appraising the comparsa) why they rose last year 2016 with the first prize of the Official Contest of Grouping of the Carnival of Cádiz.

Martinez Ares’s troupe has started the applause of the crowded Palace of Carnival and has put on foot the audience on repeated occasions through its musical repertoire of pasodobles, cuplés and potpourri. An event that has been organized by the “Los Cansaliebres” club in collaboration with the City Council of Miguelturra.

We must remember that with this concert, “Los Cobardes” put an end to a tour that has taken them to cover a large part of the Spanish geography; something that has been a great pride for the carnival community of Miguelturra.


Cristóbal Aguiló Domínguez winner of the poster announcing the Carnival of Miguelturra 2017

This Cartagena artist, who already did it in 2011, returns to do it with his work “The dream of a carnival pastry chef”.

It is already known who will be responsible, through its poster announcer, to face and promote the carnival of Miguelturra 2017. Thus, Cristóbal Aguiló Domínguez with his work “The dream of a carnival pastry cher” has been the winner of this contest that it was decided on the afternoon of January 3 at the House of Culture of Miguelturra.

On this occasion the jury was composed of: Diego Rodríguez Tercero, councilman of Celebrations, Raúl Domínguez Donate, president of the Cultural Association “Carnival Peñas” and José Luis Sobrino Pérez, graphic designer, with the vote of the advisory public. Marcial González Rivero acts as secretary, with voice and without vote, coordinator of the area of Culture and Celebrations.

Once the 31 papers presented were viewed and analyzed, the jury that qualified the contest decided that “The dream of a carnival pastry chef” was the best poster to represent these Holidays of Regional Tourist Interest, which will begin next February 23.

In this way Cristóbal Aguiló Domínguez will receive the only prize, worth 1,000 euros and a souvenir of the contest, that the Town Council of Miguelturra for his work will deliver on the day of the proclamation, when he will go on stage once the carnival is inaugurated.


Bases poster for 2017

Open the deadline for the contest poster for Carnival 2017.

The town hall and the Miguelturra Carnival Association, announce the competition for the election poster Carnival 2017, declared of Regional Tourist Interest and Costumbrista, the deadline for registration and submission of originals is open until December 9, 2016 and governed by the following BASES:

1. PARTICIPANTS: All those artists who wish to participate may participate, regardless of their nationality or artistic tendency.

2. THEME: Free, admitting only original works and not previously awarded, and can be presented in polychrome. The posters can be made by any procedure, photographic composition, digital system, painting, among others. If computer support is used, a paper reproduction must be attached, admitting a minimum format of A4.

3. DIMENSIONS: The posters presented will allow printing in 45 by 65 centimeters, with the following inscription on them: “MIGUELTURRA” (Ciudad Real) Carnaval 2017. FIESTAS DE INTERÉS TURÍSTICO. (The name of the town must have a prominent space, being in respect of the province in a proportionality never less than 1 to 5).

4. PRESENTATION: The posters will be presented without signature and with a slogan on the back of them. In a sealed envelope the motto will be expressed and inside it will include the author’s name and surname, address, telephone number, location, email address and affidavit of being the author and owner of the work.

5. REMISSION: Posters will be sent to the House of Culture, Perlerines Street, 26. 13170 Miguelturra (Ciudad Real) from the publication of the rules and until December 9, 2016. The referral will be under the responsibility and risk of the contestants.

6. PRIZE: A single prize of 1,000 euros and gift, a souvenir of the contest, is established.

7. JURY: Will be appointed by the organization. Your decision will be unappealable.

8. EXHIBITION The organization will exhibit the works presented at the House of Culture, from December 16 to 30. These works can also be seen in the authorized galleries dedicated to the Carnival of 2017 through the municipal web portal of the consistory These will also be announced through social networks where the session has a profile.

Non-awarded works may be withdrawn as of February 1, 2017, all during office hours, until March 15. After this date, the works not withdrawn will remain in the possession of this Organization.

9. PROPERTY: The award-winning creation will remain the property of the Organization, which reserves the right to reproduce it.

For more information you can contact the Department of Celebrations of the Town Hall of Miguelturra or in the offices located in the House of Culture.