Bases of the different contests and events of Miguelturra Carnival 2018.  Frying Pan Fruit, Chirigotas, Comparsas and Carrozas, Your Mask Sounds Familiar, Photography Contest, Costumes “Carnival Museum”…

Bases XX Photography Contest

With the collaboration of “A.F. Novilunium” and “RAW Photographic Collective”

  1. All people who wish may participate, regardless of their age or place of residence.
  2. Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 photographs in color or black and white at size 20×30 or 30×45 cm.
  3. The photographs should only include activities carried out in Miguelturra
    during the Carnival period 2018.
  4. It will be valued in a special way that the works highlight the characteristics of the traditional Miguelturra carnival, with special emphasis on the Street Mask. The technical and artistic quality of the works will be assessed in the same way.
  5. The photographs will be presented with a white cardboard support of 5 cm on each side, with a slogan on the back and in a separate envelope, the author’s personal data will appear.
  6. Awards:
    1st Prize: 250 euros and Carnival Pottery, sponsored by the Miguelturra City Council, plaque sponsored by Estudio Encarni Photo and a place for night photography course, creative luminogram valued at 70 euros, sponsored by CatBox – Visual Arts Academy MIGUELTURRA.
    2nd Prize: 175 euros and Pottery of the Carnival, sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra.
    3rd Prize: 75 euros and Pottery of Carnival, sponsored and exchangeable for photo shoot in Katy Aranda Photography.
  7. These prizes may be declared void. No author may accumulate more than one prize.
  8. The following collectives collaborate: “A.F. Novilunium” and “RAW Photographic Collective”.
  9. With the presented works the organization will be able to realize a later exhibition in the dependences of the Market of Supplies and to show them in the web page.
  10. The jury will be composed of people of recognized solvency and its decision will be unappealable.
  11. The awarded works will be available to the organization that may, if it deems it appropriate, edit the work, without the author having acquired rights.
  12. The non-awarded works may be withdrawn until April 30, 2018. The works that have not been withdrawn will become part of the Culture Area archive.
  13. Deadline for submission: Photographs may be delivered by hand during working hours or sent to the Casa de Cultura de Miguelturra, with address at: C / Perlerines, 26, 13170 Miguelturrra, Telephone: 926241090 and submitted until March 23, 2018 The ruling will be made before April 15, 2018.
  14. The City Council of Miguelturra will take care with the greatest zeal of the works submitted to the contest, but is not responsible for the deterioration or theft of the same.
  15. The mere fact of participating in the contest means compliance with these rules.
Bases XXXIX Regional Contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Floats

The Churriego Carnival comes to an end and it is best to celebrate with the traditional contest of Murgas, Comparsas and Floats

Three categories are established: FLOATS, COMPARSAS and MURGAS, to which the peñas will be previously registered.

FLOATS: This category includes the Peñas or Associations that parade in with one or more floats.

COMPARSAS: This category includes the Peñas or Associations that parade with music band, musical group and/or charanga

MURGAS: This category fits the Peñas or Associations that parade without live music or music

The contest will be governed by the following bases:

  1. All groups may participate if they wish, provided they have a minimum of 20 people and are from any of the towns of the Castellano-Manchego Region.
  2. The number of entries will be limited to 35 by strict order of application, except the peñas and groups awarded in the 2017 call, which are automatically registered but must show their concurrence. The non-ratification of the same will give place to the peñas that remain in reserve.
  3. Each group must carry in front and in a prominent place a sign that shows the town where it comes from and its name.
  4. The rally will take place in the vicinity of Parquesol from 4:00 pm, with the parade following the following route: Pozuelo Street, Carretas, Ancha, Carnival, Spain Square and Don José Mora, ending in the vicinity of the Avenue 1º of May.
  5. Registration, which will be free, will be made in the Culture House of the City of Miguelturra, Telephone: +34 926241090, communicating the following information: name of the Association, number of components, name of the representative or spokesperson, ID, address, telephone and dimensions of the float (in case they carry it), and category for which they compete.
  6. The Jury will be composed of a number of people of recognized solvency and their decisions will be unappealable.
  7. No prize may be declared deserted.
  8. The float, the music, the choreography, the number of components and the costumes, as well as the originality, staging and good aesthetic taste will be valued in a special way and within each category.
  9. All participating groups will be presented with Ham, Cheese, Wine Case “Señorío de los Llanos” donated by Distribuidora Hervás and carnival mask 2018 Miguelturra, provided they meet the requirements of point 1.
  10. The Awards will be handed out at the end of the parade at the Palace of the Carnival (CERE). It is recommended that the collection of prizes be minimum two members with the costumes of the parade located in the Doctor Fleming Park.
  11. In addition to the aforementioned gifts, the following prizes will be awarded:FLOATS CATEGORY

    SPECIAL PRIZE OF 2,000 euros
    1st Prize: 1,300 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
    2nd Prize: 1,000 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
    3rd Prize: 800 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
    4th Prize: 500 euros sponsored by Calatrava Beer


    1st Prize: 400 euros sponsored by Distribuciones Sacra
    2nd Prize: 375 euros sponsored by Casa Pepe Restaurant
    3rd Prize: 350 euros sponsored by ITV Miguelturra
    4th Prize: 300 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
    4th Prize: 300 euros sponsored by Brothers Fernández Mohíno, C.B and City Council of Miguelturra


    1st Prize: 275 euros sponsored by Globalcaja
    2nd Prize: 250 euros sponsored by Cepsa – Carrefour “The Star”
    3rd Prize: 200 euros sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
    3rd Prize: 200 euros sponsored by Tejidos Julián
    3rd Prize: 200 euros sponsored by Aquilice and Mucho +

The presentation of the parade will be borne by the Municipal Broadcaster
Organize and collaborate: Civil Protection of Miguelturra

Bases VII Mask Race. “LA CHURRIEGA”

Ready, Set, Go!! To run with the sports association of Fondistas de Miguelturra

  1. They can take part all the people, groups or clubs that wish, individually or in groups, over 18 years.
  2. Runners over 16 years old may participate with the authorization of the tutor.
  3. Children under 16 years of age accompanied by their tutors can participate.
  4. It is mandatory to go in disguise.
  5. Registration will be up to 30 minutes before departure and previous days at the Youth Center from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and afternoons from Monday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., on the telephone +34 926160628 extensions 1 or 6 or by e-mail:
  6. The organization will provide the number.
  7. The tour will be a closed circuit with a controlled speed of 2200 meters, through the Constitution Plaza, Cervantes street to Pradillo de Clavería, turn onto Tercia street until Juan de Ávila, Juan de Ávila street to Doctor Fleming square, pass by pedestrian area of Doctor Fleming Square, Pradillo de Clavería, by the parking area to Germán Marina, Germán Marina Street, Spain Square, Constitution Plaza, Tercia, Juan de Ávila, Doctor Fleming, San Martín Street, Rodeo Street, Avenue of the Carnival, Squares of Spain and Constitution, Tercia, Juan de Ávila and Doctor Fleming Park to finish in the vicinity of the entrance of the CERE.

At the end of the race, participants will be able to taste a chocolate and pasta at the CERE, given by the Association of Widows Our Lady of the Star. For the second year in a row, the Areté Fitness Sports Center of the town will draw 3 monthly payments for the participants of the race, valued at 175 euros, plus 2 pairs of Slippers sponsored by TWINNER.
In addition, after the race, monitors from Areté Fitness, will give a ZUMBA FITNESS workshop and as a novelty this year we will also have a Twerking Master Class sponsored by “Gerardo Just”.

Bases XXXV Contest of “Murgas and Chirigotas”

Friday February 16, after the Costumes contest “Carnival Museum”. The act will be presented by the Municipal Radio Station

  1. They will be able to take part all the groups that wish it as long as they have a minimum of 10 components.
  2. The performance of each group may not exceed minutes.
  3. The jury will take into account punctuality and non-interference in the proper conduct of the contest.
  4. Participants will register the week prior to the celebration of the contest, sending 3 copies of the letter to interpret the House of Culture, Perlerines Street, 26 Miguelturra.
  5. Awards:
    1st Prize 600 euros
    2nd Prize 500 euros
    3rd Prize 400 euros
    4th Prize 250 euros
    5th Prize 150 euros
    All prizes are sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
  6. During the contest, a competent jury, will fail the prize.
Bases XXXIII Costumes Contest “Carnival Museum”

Friday, February 16 at 9:30 p.m.

  1. The Peñas de Miguelturra may participate, and the participation of individual masks in representation or not of local and / or provincial companies is also open..
  2. A double modality is established: Man and Woman.
  3. The costumes presented must participate in the Piñata Sunday parade and must be unpublished in Miguelturra.
  4. The winning suits in men’s and women’s modalities will remain the property of the one who presents them but will commit to leaving the costume for the “Carnival Museum” for 5 years. The winner in the individual mode, must stay one year in the museum.
  5. The inscriptions will be made in the place of the contest moments before the beginning of the same.
  6. The prize of the winning costumes will not be handed out until after Piñata’s Sunday parade, once the organization observes that at least a 20-person parade with the same suit as the winner parades in the winning suit. The winner of the individual suit is exempt from this point by not being forced to march on Sunday.
  7. The jury will be composed of people specialized in the subject, and their decisions will be unappealable, being able to declare any prize desert.
  8. Each one of the members of the jury will qualify according to the following criteria:
    Costume evaluation 80% from 0 to 8 points
    Makeup 10% 1 point
    Staging 10% 1 point
  9. For a more detailed examination, the suit evaluation will take place in the dressing rooms before the start of the stage, with the participants ready for their review half an hour before the start of the contest. Those people and clubs that do not meet the stipulated schedule will be disqualified and may act outside the contest. And its assessment will be irremovable for the purposes of the other two remaining criteria.
  10. Awards:
    Women’s Costume: 400 euros, sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
    Men’s suit: 350 euros. sponsored by the City Council of Miguelturra
    Individual Costume Award: 200 euros, sponsored by “CERTRADE”, Azulejos and Pavimentos
Bases VI Contest Your Mask Sounds Familiar

Thursday, February 15 at 7:30 p.m. Peña el Puntillo organizes and collaborates with the Youth Area

  1. All people who wish may participate in two modes: CHILDREN-YOUTH MODALITY, groups of children or individuals, children under 14, and ADULT MODE from 15 years in the individual or group. The groups must be composed of 2 people minimum and 12 maximum.
  2. Each participant must be characterized by a singer or group, the one chosen by himself when making his staging.
  3. All performances will be in “playback”.
  4. The chosen language for the interpretation of the topics will be irrelevant.
  5. Each performance will have a maximum time of five minutes.
  6. Registration will take place from February 5 and until 2 pm on February 13 at the House of Culture. Each participant will provide the name of the members that will form the group, the name of the group or singer they will represent, the chosen title and will bring the CD and PEN DRIVE with the recording of the song to be performed. The number of registrations is limited to 3 in the Infant mode and 12 performances in the Adult mode by strict order of application.
  7. Awards:
    CHILDREN-YOUTH modeThree prizes of school material valued at 150 euros, sponsored by MyPaper
    Three prizes for Children’s Art Workshop valued at 150 euros, sponsored by CatBox – Academy of visual arts MIGUELTURRA

    Individual ADULT MODE

    First prize: 100 euros
    Second prize: 50 euros

    ADULT MODE Group

    First prize: 100 euros
    Second prize: 50 euros

  8. The jury will assess the work of characterization and interpretation of each participant regarding the chosen artist.
  9. The decision of the jury will be unappealable, being able to be any of the prizes desert.
  10. Parents or tutors of children under 18 years of age will sign the model of authorization for filming, recording and reproduction, both photographic and visual, by authorized means and that will be provided at the time of registration.
  11. Participation in the contest means acceptance of these rules.