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Jesús Álvarez Cervantes crier of the Miguelturra Carnival 2020

He is the current Head of the sports area of TVE news

Jesús Álvarez Cervantes, was born in Madrid in 1958 and has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid.

He began his career at the La Voz de Madrid radio station, later moving to RNE. In 1977 he debuted on television in the TVE news space for seven days and in 1979 he will make the jump to the newscasts presenting the sports section. In 1981 and until 1986 he will present Stadium Study, being one of the commentators of the Barcelona Olympics 92.

Throughout his professional career, he has been director of Sports and director of Sports Content of TVE, member of the board of directors of the Press Association of Madrid and member of the jury of the Laureus Sports Awards.

He has obtained numerous distinctions, among which the Ondas Prize in 1977 and 2011 (collective to the TVE News) and the 2000 Golden Antenna awarded by the Federation of Radio and Television Associations of Spain.



Presentation of the Pre-Carnival Churriego 2020

Chirigota los Quemasangre and the anthology of Selu open the pre-carnival of Churriego

Diego Rodríguez, Councilor for Celebrations of the Miguelturra City Council and Alberto Soria, president of the Peña Los Cansaliebres present the Miguelturra pre-carnival to the media.

Rodríguez opens the presentation of the V Pre-Carnival of Miguelturra, indicating that the Los Quemasangre Cadiz Chirigota, will not leave anyone indifferent with the art that the Cádiz chirigotas have, invites those who want to witness this event already consolidated in the carnivals of Castilla-La Mancha , being this year’s most special, since it coincides with the declaration of the Miguelturra Carnival as a festival of national tourist interest on February 8, 2018 and its subsequent publication in the BOE of February 22. He also thanked Peña Los Cansaliebres for his involvement in the expansion of the name of Miguelturra and his Carnival with the organization of such important events as this pre-carnival.

Soria, on the other hand, has indicated that this year they have decided to change their style, moving from Comparsa to Chirigota, with a group that is a benchmark of the Cádiz carnival, being the group with the most awards obtained in the chirigotas modality. His repertoire with songs like “Whatever my wife says”, “Los enteraos” and “Juan” among others, will surely delight the audience. Finally, he indicated that the tickets are almost sold out and thanked the sponsors and collaborators for their involvement in this event.

Sponsor: Onda Cero Ciudad Real

Collaborators: Instalaciones Eléctricas Alberto Soria, Biluja Serigrafía, Panadería Bollería Fegopan, delegación de Mapfre en Miguelturra, Gimnasio Kim Miguelturra, Servicios Veterinarios Marcos Bastante Rojas, Instalaciones Miguelturra, Dasego Asesores, Katxis La Taberna El Beso, Viajes Rodrigo, Cordelerías Jesús León Carrascosa y Enova Informática y Comunicaciones

Event diffusion and photography: carnavaldemiguelturra.es


Manolo and Mª Carmen are already members of the Peña Major Masks

The Major Masks Peña has two new members

From Sunday, January 26, what will be major masks of Carnival 2020, Manolo and Mª Carmen, are already masks of the Major Masks Peña.

As tradition dictates, the older predecessor masks have welcomed the new ones and celebrated it with a mini party in their honor, in which the traditional chocolate that usually accompanies this event has not been lacking.

Next Saturday, February 22, Manolo and Mª Carmen will receive the affection of the people of Miguelturra and will officially be Major Masks of the Carnival 2020. Today they have received it from their companions and companions, who will guide them during the ten days of the carnival churriego

Manolo, born in Miguelturra in 1962, is a mechanic-driver. In carnival he has always liked to go for street mask free, participating in the first piñata parade in 1980 with Los Currantes.

Mª Carmen, was born in Puertollano in 1965, moving her family to live in our town being she very small, she is a worker of a large commercial area. It belonged to the disappeared Peña la Chambra since its inception and currently belongs to the Peña Los Rocheros.

Manolo and Mª Carmen have a daughter, who is also very carnival.



Presentation of the Miguelturra Carnival at FITUR 2020

The Stand of Castilla-La Mancha presentation stage

On Saturday, January 25, the Miguelturra Carnival was presented at the International Tourism Fair 2020.

The presentation began with a staging of the Peña el Puntillo with which he participated in the Carnival Museum Suits contest 2019. Subsequently, a video of the town and its traditions was projected, meanwhile, our street mask gift to those present with our traditional and delicious fruit in pan.

The mayor of the town Laura Arriaga took the floor and made a brief tour of the history of the Churriego carnival, a story that is lost in time and that neither the prohibitions to which it was subjected managed to avoid its celebration, praising the street mask as a hallmark of the party.

Arriaga, presented the new carnival brand, which reflects different hallmarks of the town and carnival, the fat tower, the street mask and the burial of the sardine, are among other elements part of this new image.

The event was attended by a large group of people representing the local Peñas, the councilor of Festejos, Diego Rodríguez, different members of the Municipal Corporation, King of the Carnival, Serafín Delgado, President of the Association of Miguelturra Carnival Peñas, Raúl Domínguez, Major Masks 2020, Mª Carmen and Manolo, Major Masks 2019, Antonio and Mª Paz, as well as our Street Mask.



Photographs provided by the Miguelturra City Council

“Carnival Masks” Carnival Poster 2020

Juan David Ortíz Rincón winner of the Carnival Annunciator Contest 2020

“Carnival Masks” is the winning work of the Carnival Annunciator Contest 2020 and will be the image of the Miguelturra Carnival declared of National Tourist Interest.

The jury on this occasion has been composed of Diego Rodríguez Tercero, councilor of Festejos, acting as secretary, Raúl Domínguez Donate, President of the Migueltura Carnival Association, Ángel Ruiz Cruz, graphic designer and Fernando López Gómez ‘Kiriko’, professor of design at the Pedro Almodóvar School of Arts.

The jury met on January 2 at the House of Culture and ruled that of the finalist works, “Carnival Masks” was the winning work of this contest, endowed with a single prize of 1,000 euros and a souvenir of the contest.

The finalists will be exhibited at the House of Culture during the month of January.

Juan David Ortiz Rincón

Born on December 12, 1968 in the coffee zone of Colombia, he studied Visual Designer at the University of Caldas, finishing studies at the Colombian College of Design, within the space design program, subsequently working at this university as a teacher.

He has worked as a freelance for different advertising and communication agencies in the city of Medellín (Colombia), in different design and illustration projects. 

Later he moved to Spain to do a master’s degree in artistic research at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, ​​working three years in the office of international relations.

In addition to winning the contest of the poster announcer of the Miguelturra Carnival 2020, Juan David, won in last December the contest of the poster announcing the Martos Olive Festival in the province of Jaén, with the work “Collect the olive it’s a whole party.”

He has also participated in several art exhibitions, including the Sabadell Academy of Fine Arts, where he won the Biennial of Young Art.