Charanga Alhiguí

The creation of the Charanga Alhiguí, part of an original idea of ​​the previous president of the Association of Peñas and also by then of this budding band, José Hornero Gamito. Which is in charge of getting in touch with different musicians of the town, belonging almost entirely to the Municipal Band of Miguelturra and thus be able to carry out this project.

Little by little, these same members, are attracting other colleagues of that training and the music conservatory, which eventually or fixed, end up making a solid and increasingly high quality.

Since its creation, has visited much of the province of Ciudad Real, encouraging the parties of other peoples in addition to their own, also participating in several meetings of charangas and creating your own, which is held every year at the festivities.

Currently, this charanga is a benchmark in the area, having won some charanga competitions and giving its touch of joy wherever it is required, not only for the interpretation of its themes, but for the great facility to interact and participate in the public that is present.

Fundación: 2007