Youth Association “Los Fregquísimos”

The ‘Los Fregquísimos’ Youth Association was born at the end of the summer of 2015, with a single purpose, to have a good time. In addition, it brings together a whole generation of young people of different ages. A Rock through which, you can enjoy the Churriego Carnival in all its aspects. It is true that the organization is not their strong point, but they are always there to make noise when the party calls them.

The Fregquísimos collaborate in the Ground Zero Fest, that is realized during the summer, they organize their particular fair of April in bars of the town, they realize excursions and they take to the people who wish it, of route by the celebrations of the region, tiny partiers ! There is no shortage of popular local foods, making its star dish, nothing less than great crumbs.

With their participation in a group or with a representative, they collaborate in the different activities that are organized during the Carnival or the patron saint festivities, when they do not pass the registration deadlines, yes, with more or less success (or rather none) , but always having a great time.

In the traditional Parade of the Sunday of Piñata, we can enjoy his elaborate costume and choreography, consisting of a street mask that dances at his own pace and to the rhythm of carnival music.

Their ordinary meetings and to which everyone is invited, tend to last until late and have, what they have is little ordinary. More bad than good, at the last minute, with four rags and a mask, the Fregquísimos will be little worried, but above all, laughing and dancing.

La Peña Los Fregquísimos, wishes you a Happy and Crazy Carnival.

Foundation: 2015
Components: 72


  • President:
    David Cabañas Asensio
  • Vice president:
    Manuel González Peco
  • Secretary:
    Víctor Prado Galán
  • Treasurer:
    Alberto Mora Peco
  • Vowels: