Youth Choir Cultural Association
Peña Heirs of Loquilandia

The Miguelturra Youth Choir Cultural Association, now known as “Peña Herederos de Loquilandia”, was founded as an association in December 2017, but it is in 2020 when it becomes part of our carnival as a peña.

In 2016 and at the music school in our town, the idea of creating a children’s choir was born, hence a great family was born in which 25 children began to be like brothers, as time went by they joined more captained by the tireless soul of the group, Lola Ocaña Moraga.

Like any musician (no matter how small they are, they already are, and with that desire they put in are miniature musicazos), art runs through their veins, and as much as they try to be still in rehearsals they can’t , they need to accompany their songs of dances, gestures, games … That’s where our beloved “i Will follow him” was born from the mythical film “Sister Act” in which in the middle of the song they throw the papers and break to dance.

Despite their short history, there are many actions they have done, they are worth referenceing the performances together with our youth band in the meetings of Municipal Music Schools held in Quintanar del Rey (Cuenca) and Almagro, performances in Torralba de Calatrava , Carrión de Calatrava and a long etcetera, distributing happiness, carefree and a great musical art where they represent our people.

In the Piñata Sunday Parade of 2018 they parade for the first time as a peña, representing Grease, which arises as a result of that existing twinning in the group, wanting to be part of the carnival of their people as one more peña, as they said: “we We also want to make meals, but since we are children, then sandwiches. ” They want to keep our carnival and its traditions alive, always with ideas, with enthusiasm, thinking about moving forward more and what is better with a tireless force that makes them never give up.

A children’s peña formed only by children and as adults only have members of the board of directors, although they have ‘daddies and moms’ who move in the shade and help in everything they can, meals, costumes, choreographies, decorations … all thanks to your collaboration.

From here we tell you, I ENCOURAGE MY CHILDREN THAT YOU ARE THE BEST! continue like this, moving mountains with your joy and transmitting it to others. Without going any further, in 2019, they filled the streets with their joy, smiles and the colorful of COCO, during the deliberation of the jury, you were already in your little beds because there was school the next day, obtaining a great prize for your effort. You are the future of our carnival.

And of course, thank our music school and its director for having trained these children in music, creating this great family.

Keep making dreams with your voices and giving away feelings in treble clef!!!

Foundation: 2017
Components: 35


  • President:
    Tomás Palma Peña
  • Vice president:
    Visitación Murillo Hidalgo
  • Secretary:
    Mª del Mar Jiménez Serrano
  • Treasurer:
    Caridad Mª Pavón Benito
  • Vowels:
    Palmira López Rico
    Rita Casas de Miguel
    Beatriz Carretero García
    Pilar Casas de Miguel
    Miriam Gómez Hervás