Cultural Association Kapikua

The Cultural Association Kapikua was founded on the night of April 14, 2014, a group of 14 people, friends and very carnival, will be its first components, Angel de la Cruz Yébenes is its founder. As you can see, number 14 gave them luck.

That night they began a journey full of enthusiasm, motivation and desire to enjoy. During these years they have participated very actively in all the Carnival of the province, bringing joy to parades of floats of towns such as Malagón, Bolaños de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Alcázar de San Juan and Quintanar de la Órden. However, it is Miguelturra his main commitment, turning with all his energies and enjoying every second of those 10 days of Carnival, either taking to the streets to joke, organizing or participating in various contests. The Piñata Sunday, the last day of the Churriego Carnival, is the culmination of 7 months of work, which ends with the exhibition of all the attendants of the Murgas parade, Comparsas and Carrozas, of all the assembly that they have prepared with great pleasure during those months before Carnival.

Since 2014 they have not stopped walking, and although they participate throughout the year in youth, cultural activities, patron saint festivals and other events, it is the Carnival that they dedicate the most time to and the most satisfaction they receive.

Kapikua, is a cultural association that has no age limit and anyone who wants it, can be part of it. They are a fun, tolerant and with a good atmosphere, which makes anyone who joins this great family feel comfortable.

They have opted for a traditional Carnival, maintaining customs and traditions so important in the past, which have given meaning to our party, but are also part of evolving and modernizing certain aspects, without losing their special essence. They care very much about our historic Carnival, for that reason and together with the other clubs in the town, they organize pre-Carnival meetings, preparing all the events that take place during those 10 days. Everything has to be perfect, so that churriegos and visitors can enjoy a good carnival program.

Its president, from here, wants to encourage everyone to know their good work, to be encouraged to participate in all scheduled events and to be imbued with our desire and our way of living the Miguelturra Carnival year after year.

Do not you dare to meet us?? See you on the streets!!

Foundation: 2014
Components: 60